Activists handed over to DSS for wearing ”Buhari must go” T-shirts to an altar call inside Dunamis church


Some Youths have been arrested for wearing ‘Buhari Must Go’ T-shirts to a Sunday Service at Dunamis Gospel Church Headquarters in Lugbe, Abuja and chanting,

The activists were handed over to the Department of State Services, according to activist, Omoyele Sowore.

He said, “Security men at Dunamis Church have arrested activists wearing #BuhariMustGo T-shirts to their church service, church security later handed over to DSS officials who are current

When our correspondent visited Dunamis headquarters, Lugbe, Abuja to confirm the incident, all attempts to speak with the church administrative body proved abortive as protocol officers claimed they were having meetings hence would not be able to talk about the issue at the moment.

However, a top church official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, as he was not permitted to speak on the issue confirmed the incident.

He said “Those people sneaked into the church, I used the word sneaked because the church was not aware of their intention, no department in the church knew anything.

“They even came out for altar call and before you know it we saw that they had ‘Buhari must go’ T-shirts and they were recording people making it seem as if the church planned the protest.

“We had to hand them over to security operatives because we believe in three things. It is either they were sent in by agencies to make sure that the church is at loggerheads with the government or either make it seem like the church sponsored the protest.

“Third is even if they have a genuine protest, the church is not the right place to go. If there is a problem in the country, the duty of the church is to pray that God help our leaders. We have handed them over to the authorities for investigations.”

Source:The Punch


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