Alagbara – KingSax

Apostle kingsax is a Nigerian Christian worship leader, singer, and songwriter whose expressed mission is “to create an environment for the manifest presence of God”. His musical style is one of jubilant praise and individual excellence on musical instruments. Kingsax played in some of his songs & he leads comfortably with his voice and is always backed up by his anointed vessel popularly known as Divine Grace crew.

Kingsax started out as a worship leader at Glorious Pentecostal Evangelistic Ministry intl in ijoka Ondo state, Nigeria. He is one of 5 children. His parents were part of the Glorious Pentecostal Church knows as (GLOPEM) and would only listen to gospel music. Few years back he was ordained and installed as Music minister. As worship leader, his sole focus was leading worship service. When he became music minister, he became the shepherd over the entire music department at Glorious Pentecostal Evangelistic Ministry Odaroad branch. Not quite long 2017 he received a revelation to go out from church as a music minister and help the world and churches develop and find the balance between worship and the word. After his first single *Gba osuba re* he continues to travel, speak, sing, teach and record. He sings all over the world. Kingsax received a message from from God to drop a single title *ALAGBARA* regardless on the way youth has fail to acknowledged God as there refuge, the only problems solver and still the one and only God. Who has been giving all power both in heaven and on earth.