Audio+Lyrics: “Alpha and Omega” – MinisterJohnstar (@johnstar) ft. Joe E


John Ayodele Adeniyi a gospel singer also known as Minister John Star, was born in kaduna state and he has been into the music industry for more than a decade now. He formed a Team known as star praise team in the year 2016 while he was about launching his First Album titled STAR PRAISE in June 2016, and he launched his first video album IJO OPE 2017, he presently have   a new single titled  ALPHA AND OMEGA, you can contact or follow him via the following media:
Facebook: JohnAdeniy  Ayodele
Watapp: 08132082373



Lv: Father we thank you,

You are the alpha

And omega

We give you all the glory

And all the honor


You reign in majesty

Who am I lord

That you so much care for me

Yeye ye…..

And even when when am down

You lifted me higher

You are alpha and omega

Alpha and omega

Alpha and omega

You are the way maker

You are the way maker

[Alpha and omega]

Ch:  Alpha and omega

[Alpha and omega]

Alpha and omega

[way maker]

You are the way maker

You are the way maker[ x2]


Lv2:  YOU knew my name before time began baba

Who am i that  you are mindful of me

when there was no one to call my own

you stood by me

my pillar strong tower

my rested wall

ki le ole se….., eledami kile ole se eee

nothing is too hard for you to do

a thousand may fall by me

may be ten thousand

you are my pillar, strong tower

yeehee…. I will keep running back to you

Ch:  Alpha and omega

[Alpha and omega]

Alpha and omega

[You are the beginning and the end]

You are the way maker

[You created time and exist out of time]

You are the way maker[ x2]

[You are the way maker]


  1. Perhaps if I would have been there I would have said that.THE SONG THAT YOU SANG WITH SO MUCH HARDWORK AND EMOTIONS HAS INSPIRED ME TO OVERCOME MY HURDLES IN LIFE, WILL CONTINUE TO INSPIRE ME FOREVER AND MOTIVATE ME ALWAYS. This is truely a boom to this GENERATION more FIRE sir. I love it in your voice


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