Christian Mom loses son to ISIS,Now on a mission.


ISIS leader Abu-Bakr All Baghdadi reappeared in a new video to talk about the Easter attacks in Sri Lanka and it shows that the Islamic state group has survived the war in Syria.This appearance brought renewed pain to some of the parents of the children who have joined ISIS.
On the CBN News program ”The global lane” Christianne Boudreau shared the story of how her 21 year old son left Canada and died fighting with ISIS.She said her faith has helped her overcome the heartache.

   '' I still have some of those difficult days, trust me it never goes away especially wondering what those last moments were, not being there as a parent,trying to protect them,save them,feeling so helpless''. Boudreau explained further :

”For so long,no matter how much I begged him to come home, it was absolutely devastating and nowhere to turn.Who could understand what I was going through without the name calling and all the negative comments and understanding what pain our family was in?”.
Did Boudreau beat herself up wondering how she could have prevented this?Did she question her parenting skills?.
”I think every parent does.We all question ourselves. It’s the first thing we do and the guilt you carry is overwhelming” she painfully recalled .
Although her son,Damien left church at the age of 17 and converted to Islam,Boudreau says her Christian faith helped her get through the dark times that followed.
Boudreau heads up an organization called ”Mothers for Life Network”.The group is helping people overcome loss and grief and it’s also raising awareness about how to prevent children from becoming radicalized. She is also featured in the new clarion project documentary.”Kids Chasing Paradise”.
This is also a wake up call for Christians all over the world to be at alert and make sure we do not lose our young ones to the devil, this is a sequel to ”The game of 48”. These ones are so precious in the sight of God we must not let them go. We must always be conscious of our environment and every activities going on with the young ones. Most importantly we must not stop praying for him.


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