Church Elder Explained Why Fraud Allegation Petition Was Written Against Prophet Dele Ogundipe


One of the church Elder of CCC Genesis Global, Mr Awoniyi Emmanuel has explained why petition of fraud allegations was written against Prophet Dele Ogundipe by Mrs Olaide Williams-Oni.

Awoniyi Emmanuel made this known on Sunday November 22, 2020 during interview with BBC in Genesis Global Church premises in Alakuko,Lagos.

He said that Prophet Dele Ogundipe was in a love relationship with Mrs Olaide Williams-Oni in year 2002 .

The Elder claimed that the love relationship ended because the prophet realized that Olaide is married to someone else in London.

According to Awoniyi,Olaide wrote a petition of fraud allegation against Prophet Dele after their love relationship ended.

The Petition was written to Special Fraud Unit,Ikoyi after which Dele was arrested.

Olaide accused the Prophet of collecting money from her when their relationship was smooth.

Awoniyi said that Olaide alleged that the money collected from her by the Prophet was used for various purposes like payment of hospital bill of his son at St Nicholas Hospital (600 thousand naira), Construction of roof at dele father’s house,buying of shirts and boxers for the prophet, borrowing of 1million naira for contingency purposes and so on.

The Elder said that Dele was made to write statement on how he would refund the money and he was later granted bail.

Awoniyi also said that the Prophet had made part of the repayment before the case was transferred to court.

Prophet Oladele Ogundipe was later convicted to 2 year imprisonment for defrauding Mrs Olaide Williams-Oni.

Bode Olabisi


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