Cris Kester first recording Album “Hello Cris” Now Available.


Urban Rapper and Songwriter, Cris Kester releases his debut album titled ‘Hello Cris‘.

On “Hello Cris,” Kester pushes the limits of what people might expect from him, combining sonically adventurous music with a deep, abiding message and amazing collaborations.

“I view the music on this album as an entrance, not as an escape—it’s where you get to step in and consider your life, the pain, the disappointments, and the dreams. All of a sudden, you have a soundtrack that helps you soothe the wounds or awaken the dreamer and appreciate how far the Lord has carried you through. It’s not just about getting more out of your life. It’s about getting more out of your life with a consciousness of all of God’s promises.” — Cris Kester

About Cris:
Christopher Odu Owan known professionally  as Cris Kester is an urban rapper and singer from Cross River State, Nigeria.

In 2014, Cris was invited to be a part of the Peace Project. A project organised to commiserate with the victims of the violent occurrence in Northern Nigeria. The project also features other gospel musicians such as Solomon Lange, Samsong, Joe Praise, Chris morgan and many more.

Fast forward to 2017, he released several songs which includes his  single “Can I Speak?” The song was widely recognized and played on African radio stations.

Following the success of the song, Can I Speak, Cris Kester was interviewed on Link FM (South Africa),Angels of Melody (USA) and a host of other Nigerian radio stations.

In 2017, his song, Good Mood won the Selah Awards song of the year and in 2019, Cris Kester released the song, Las Las (We Go Dey Alright) a rap song that has gained massive air play in the UK, America, Zambia, Ghana, Uganda, and many other countries around the world. Surprisingly his song “Can I speak” still won best gospel song of the year and best music video of the year at the 2019 Kaduna state entertainment awards.

Recently in an interview, while speaking about his music and how far God has brought him, he made it clear that his best is yet to come.

And now he unleash an 18-track LP where he re-introduces himself to the world and takes us on his personal journey through life and his experiences thus far.

“Hello Cris” is Now Available on all platforms.


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