Dos and Don’ts for Gospel Musicians


Gospel singers are identified with the music ministry which has over the years almost became another genre of music, even though gospel singers incorporate the popular genres such as Pop,R and B, Jazz etc into their music yet the large majority of their audience expects gospel songs to sound a particular way otherwise they are not ready to acknowledge the song as gospel.

What differentiates a gospel singer from a non-gospel singer is in the message and the Spirit that backs up the song. Just like every other singer there are do’s and don’t that guides them.

There are things they need to keep doing that would help them to be exceptional in their craft, because beyond ministering to people there must be some high level of professionalism.

The Do’s

* Do learn basic musical theory
Have enough information about music, read books, attend trainings. You don’t have to know everything but know the basics.

* Do sing your own songs during your ministrations.
Dwell on your songs more than others, that way people know you for you. You’re original and your songs reach a wider audience.

* Do have a fellowship time with God.
You should not be carried away with activities and ministrations while you ignore your prayer altar.

* Do dedicate time for rehearsals
Over confidence is a disease, have a regular time to check your voice, run vocal exercises and new musical skills.

* Do honour The Holy Spirit and your pastor( your host)
In all that you do while ministering, honour the Holy Spirit and honour God in the life of your host or pastor.

The Don’ts

* Don’t shun advice and criticism from your team
You can’t see yourself, people will see you and your faults accept them and correct them in good faith. Let the opinion of your team count.

* Don’t downgrade other minister in the process of ministering
Just do what you were invited to do and leave. You don’t have to start preaching or explaining especially if it’s not your personal concert.

*Don’t shy away from whatever you rehearsed
Try as much as possible to stick with what you rehearsed with your team

*Don’t over do or under do
Resist the urge to show off. Resist the urge to perform below your capacity maybe because your audience is not large or they are not your ” standard”.

* Don’t be rude to sound/technical guys
Correct them appropriately if you need to, do a sound check before your ministrations. If anything goes wrong during the ministration, make your point without sounding rude.


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