Elon Musk says He Agrees With Jesus’ Teachings: I will be saved,why not? – Says the Tesla Billionaire

Elon musk praises the teachings of Jesus Christ

Elon Musk praises the teachings of Jesus in recent interview

Billionaire Elon musk has spoken about his respect for the wisdom and teachings of Jesus in a recent interview.The entrepreneur and businessman made the comments when asked about his views on the Christian faith in a recent podcast for Babylon Bee.


At the end of a lengthily discussion covering the topics of wokeness, taxes and comedy, the interviewer light-heartedly broached the topic of faith, highlighting that the organisation was Christian-based.
Following some banter about the recording taking place on a Sunday, in which Musk joked “so why aren’t you heathens in church?”, he was invited to respond to a gospel call and accept Jesus into his life.
In his response Elon Musk said he “agreed with the principles Jesus advocated.”
“There was great wisdom in the words of Jesus and I agree with those teachings. Things like ‘turn the other cheek’ are very important.”
He went on to reference other key themes of Jesus’s teaching:
“Forgiveness is important and treating people as you wish to be treated.
“Love thy neighbour as thy self – very important.”
Quoting the Dutch Jewish philosopher Baruch Spinoza, he clarified his pantheistic view of God saying: “I believe in the God of Spinoza” – referring to the argument that the whole of the natural world, including human beings, follows one and the same set of natural laws.
He then added: “But if Jesus is saving people; I won’t stand in the way. I’ll be saved, why not?

Will Elon musk be saved just by his believe rather than accepting the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ?


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