“Esimbi Te” By Moise Mbiye


Congo-Kinshasa gospel singer-songwriter and pastor Moise Mbiye drops an official music “Esimbi Te” off the Album “Royal”.

About the artist:
Moise Mbiye started his music career when he was 10 by integrating a group of children in the church called “Group of Junior Worship” .After then he learnt all kinds of instrument. They record their 1st album called “Litatoli” whose Charle Mombaya was the artistic director. He takes out his first single composed by his father “Singing Alleluia” with his sister Lydie Mbiye and Mike Kalambay. at the end of a time they rejuvenate the group of which a number had no more availability after 2 years they stars record another album titled “More than Crystal” the album was a success for the group and after 1 year of success from the album, Moise Mbiye leaves the group and launches his first album entitled “Influence”.

“Esimbi Te” is an inspirational and Amazing song you would love to add to your playlist

To download audio click button below⬇️⬇️⬇️


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