Frank Edwards Popularly Known as Richboy Clocks 30 Today


Frank Edwards

Frank Edwards was born on the 22nd of July 1989. He hails from Enugu State.

Born in a family of seven, his obvious talents and love for music began to blossom at the very tender age of 7 while his picked up piano lessons from his father.

It may also be impossible to believe now that the Rich Boy hawked items on the streets of Enugu at a very tender age. At age 10, he started singing. First in his local church and then combined with his now fine-tuned keyboard skills, he began to perform outside his church and play on the largest stages in the country.

The truth is, Frank Edwards songs would not be as popular as they are today without the influence of Christ Embassy Church. He became a born-again Christian in his teenage years. Obviously very talented, he joined the Christ Embassy, aka Believers LoveWorld Inc. founded by television evangelist, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and that was the beginning of his journey to a life of fame and relevance.

Soon he joined the church music team, thanks to his skill set with musical instruments. He became an integral part of the church music ministry, LoveWorld Records, which gave him a platform to sings alongside gospel music greats such as Buchi, Samsong, Sinach, etc.
He became a member of the Presidential band of Pastor Chris and also his personal keyboardist. Frank Edwards also fondly refers to Pastor Chris as the man who taught him how to sing, his pastor and mentor and it’s not difficult to see why.

Growing up, Frank Edwards planned to be a pilot. He never saw a future for him in music, let alone singing. When he joined the Christ Embassy Church, he loved the way Pastor Chris sang and it did so much to inspire him towards pursuing a life in music.

Again, when he recorded his first album, it was purely independent of the LoveWorld Records. But upon listening to it, Pastor Chris took it upon himself to promote the album. He marketed it among the church folks and encouraged them to patronize the CD. He also invited him (Frank) to perform live in the church and during his programmes.

As a matter of fact,he first time Frank Edwards ever stood before a crowd was through Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s platform.

He released his first Album in 2008 ” The Definition” Two years later, he released his second album, “Angels on the Runway”. The coming year, 2011, saw him release the third one, “Unlimited” and “Tag jam”, was released later in the same year – in November 2011.

Today, Frank Edward has seven albums, many EPs and a host of other hot singles which are played across all church denominations in Nigeria and beyond. His album, Frankincense, featured another popular and widely known gospel minister, Nathaniel Bassey and also an international gospel artist, Micah Stampley. As a result, the album topped the iTunes album charts, toppling both Beyonce’s Lemonade album upon its release.

His songs brought a whole new vibe in the gospel music industry in Nigeria as it had a flair of rock, fuji and pop all blended into one sound. He cooks his unique sound from the stables of his own music record label, Rocktown Records and he has other gospel artists who have signed up to the label such as Soltune, Nkay, Divine, Gil Joe, David, King BAS and so on.

On His Collaboration with Don Moen…
When asked in an interview how he managed to get a collaboration with the US-based renowned songwriter and worship leader, Don Moen, Frank Edwards said it happened by coincidence. He said he was invited to a programme where Don Moen was ministering and as he tried to take a picture with him, the gospel legend actually told him (Frank Edwards) that he was his fan and would like a collaboration. Today, the rest is history!

Frank Edwards is hottest gospel rock artist in Nigeria currently and since he came into the fold, he has been scooping one award after the other, while shattering records along the way. Since 2009, Frank Edwards has won several gospel music awards in Nigeria including the Nigeria Entertainment Award (NEA) in 2009, 2014, 2016. He won the Rock Artist of the Year in 2010 at the Nigerian Gospel Awards.

2012 was a big year for him in terms of numerous awards and recognition. He won the Best Gospel Artist West Africa, Best Gospel Rock Artiste and West Africa Best Male Vocalist at the African Gospel Awards in 2012.

He won three nominations The Male Artist of the Year; The Song of The Year; The Best Male Vocal at the Nigeria Gospel Music Awards 2012 the same year – which was a milestone. As if those were not enough, he won the Hit Song of the Year 2012 at the Loveworld Awards and was rewarded with a cash prize of $10,000.

In 2013, he won Africa’s Best Male Gospel Artiste in the Africa Gospel Music Awards (AGMA). He also has won the City People Music Award for Gospel Artist of the Year for two years on a row – 2015 and 2016.

Frank Edwards a music video in 2016 in his album “Frankincense” titled “Onye” (The Story). The song according to him is a description of how his life has been and how grateful he is to God for what he has become.

Many of his songs has been a major hit from ‘You too dey bless me to Under the Canopy’ and a host of others.

Today is his 30th birthday and we wish many more years in good health and prosperity.


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