Joshua Mike-Bamiloye,Stella Damascus Shares Thought on The American Movie Series ” Lucifer”.


Joshua Mike-Bamiloye,second son of the legendary Christian movie producer Mike Bamiloye,has spoken against an American movie series titled ”Lucifer”.
The series is about Lucifer being a good guy who was misunderstood by God. Lucifer is potrayed as having a good heart and catching the bad guys.
Joshua known as Jay-Mikee tweeted:

He also said ”we have completely underestimated the power of audio visuals,messages, thoughts, Ideas and mindsets passed into our subconscious without permission. The devil could be anything but he is very smart,crafty and cunning.”
So many tweeters came for Jay mikee arguing that the show is not so deep.Some even claim is mere fiction and a lot resorted into criticism and verbal abuse but it doesn’t change the fact that the truth has been passed across.
Nollywood Actress,Stella Damascus also stated that the movie series is Satan’s clever way of making people admire and get used to him.She further said she has given her children reasons why they cannot see the movie in her house or anywhere else.
The tweets by Stella Damascus and Joshua Mike-Bamiloye is not to scare us but for us to stay vigilant,wise and keeping our hearts on what glorifies God.No wonder the Bible says we should guard our hearts with all diligence for out of it comes the issues of life.
We should not allow the devil to blindfold us or exchange the truth of God with the lie of the devil.
In another news some persons on Twitter has been tweeting against Mount Zion movies claiming their old movies were scary.A lot of Christians has responded to these claims and shared testimonies of how those movies shaped their lives and taught them about living the Christian life.
Somebody tweeted:

For the record, Mount Zion Films Production always re-create the realities of life and Christian living in their movies, seeing the movies from the 90’s till date has shapen and still serves as guidance to some decision making by Christians. The Stables have produced several movies over the years some of which include: Just a Little Sin,The Haunting Shadows,One Careless Night,Youthful Lust,The Forgotten Ones,Blood on the Altar and a host of others.


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