KANSOLA:The Dilemma of a Teenage Girl – Victoria Olakanye

Episode one

She kept staring at the dancing guy, she wondered how he found it so easy to dance with all his might,she loved his steps. She didn’t even know who he was, she has been seeing him for a while in church and he dances so well.
Her eyes were rolling to and fro in the church as usual, she sights her favourite couple in their matching attire, she smiled to herself. She loved them, they are her role models. She loves the fact that the wife is a singer while the husband is a keyboardist, it’s thrilling for her moreso they have a cousin who is also a keyboardist whom she dreams of dating every single day.
Her mind flashed to Iyinoluwa.
Iyinoluwa is her ever first crush, how she cared so much about him!
Normally she has a flare for cute and music inclined guys but there is something very different about Iyinoluwa.
She was classmates with Iyinoluwa and obviously not the only one who had a crush on him.
Why won’t they?
He is cute, talented,brilliant,intelligent, what else does he need to possess?
Even though she had liked this guy from when she was 10, she never showed it, she doesn’t talk to him, she gives everyone the ”I don’t like him” impression.
Whenever her friends talk about him, she finds a way to change the subject but deep down she really does not like the fact that they talk about him, she gets jealous.
Fast forward to her last year in high school when she was about to write her Wassce, her favourite couple were to be married, she has always adored them and their courtship without even knowing Iyinoluwa is the wife’s younger cousin.
“Hmmmm, what a small world” she thought.
It was at this point she was ignited all over again, the crush got deeper. She kept seeing him in her thoughts every seconds. Now she wants to be his friend at all cost.
She has high hopes she would see him again, she has not seen him since they left high school few months back.
She believes he would come visiting her big cousin one day.
She made attempts to get close to the couple but they didn’t seem to notice her. Yet, she never gave up.

Richard’s admission into the University was a testimony. His admission has been delayed for three solid years after his Wassce.
His uncle who was also a lecturer, sent for him and made him attempt the University of Ado Ekiti. He gained admission once without his Uncle’s intervention.
He was so excited.
Richard is the first child of four, he has a brother and two sisters. He is particularly closer to his mom which is normal “first born syndrome”.
The night preceeding his depature to school, his mother called him into her room and had the usual ”remember the son of whom you are” conversation with him.
Richard, I know you are excited about going to school, she started.
Yes ma
My son, I want you to always remember where you come from. Hold on to the faith that I have passed on to you. Always remember you are a role model to your siblings. Make your father and I proud. Don’t keep bad company, remember how much I have laboured on you and your siblings. Make God and your academics a priority. Okay?
Yes ma, thank you Mummy, he responded, I promise to remember all you have told me. I will always make you proud . Please don’t forget to pray for me o.
Definitely, omo mi , I will never forget to pray for you.
So how is the journey going to be tomorrow?
When are you leaving? she asked.
I’ll be leaving as early as 5am in order to arrive and settle down on time.
That is good, I wouldn’t want you to travel late into the night as well, the roads are not safe for night travellers.
Abeokuta to Ado is not that far nah
It doesn’t matter oko mi , Will you visit your Uncle before heading to the campus?
Yes o, the last time I called, he said I could stay with him for as long as I want.
Meanwhile have you spoken to your father?
He doesn’t seem to be in a good mood.
Hmmm, sha see him before you leave. I have packed some foodstuffs and few other things you might need, if there is any other thing you need, let me know once you have checked.
Richard’s mom is a trader and a good hairstylist. His father on the other hand is a retired navy officer, he was forcefully made to retire because of an issue that could lead to his dismissal, he was given an option to retire or be dismissed. He has since been heartbroken, easily irritated and pissed. His children became scared of him. He keeps to himself and shouts at everybody.
Richard is the only one who dares to stand up against him.
He thought about many things that night. He thought about how his

siblings would cope in his absence. He thought about life on campus as well.
Richard grew up under a strong religious background powered by his mother. His Christian journey has been full of ups and downs, through it all he has strong convictions that God has a plan for him.
The following morning, his mother woke him up as early as 4am to pray for him. She encouraged him to live a godly life.
When he was set to leave, he woke his siblings to greet them goodbye, they clung to him, the girls were in tears but he was strong enough not to breakdown, after much persuasion they allowed him to go. His mother followed him to the park to ensure all goes well.
When the bus got full, he gave his mother a hug and off he went only to discover half way into the journey that he did not bid his father farewell…

Iyinoluwa is the last child of three, three boys. He is naturally a jovial person, he is friendly and calm. One could say he is sanguine and he has this aura that makes everyone like him naturally.
Iyin is averagely tall, dark and handsome. He has a white set of teeth that he shows often in his smiles . Iyin loves to sing, dance and play the piano. He has a strong Christian background. His father is a church elder while his mother is a Deaconess. They have a routine, 5am to observe their personal quiet time , family altar by 6am. Right from his childhood his parents inculcated prayer and fasting into his life. They taught him the importance of tithing and other Christian tenets.
Iyin has been in the choir since he was seven(children’s choir). He has been actively involved in church affairs. Even though Iyinoluwa came from a strong Christian family background which made him automatically religious, he still had his own share of teenage blues.
Iyin as a boy was loved wherever he went to, this explains why many of his female classmates were crushing on him. Growing up did not come easy for him as a teenager despite his parents constant prayers and support. He battled with a lot of things he couldn’t discuss with his parents especially the influx lot girls around him.
Iyin gained admission into a pre degree program few months after his Wassce. His parents did not want him to stay at home since he could not make the cut off mark into his choice university.
Iyin is just seventeen years old, he has a lot of struggles but irrespective of them he tries to balance his spiritual life. He does not want to be casual . He wants a solid relationship with Christ but the things that attract him as a teenager keeps standing in the way.
These thoughts were on his mind on this particular night till he slept off.
His phone rang. The time was 1:30am.
He was not surprised he assumed it was one of his friends who loved to call during xtra cool (late night calls). He picked the call.
It was a female voice……

This girl is so young but sings with passion, Dotun thought as he watches Kansola lead the teens choir. Dotun loves to listen to the teens choir only when Kansola is leading.
He remembered the first time he spoke to her. It was at a vigil, he didn’t know how to approach her because he felt he is way older than her. She was standing at the back of the church, struggling with sleep.
He approached her.
Excuse me
Do you have tissue paper? He asked not knowing exactly how to shoot his shot.
Okay, thank you.
He knew he was about to lose it and quickly added
My name is Oladotun, what is your name?
Kansola, Oyinkansola.
Thank you, I will see you later.
When he left, he knew he goofed, he did not even ask for her number. He was just nervous. He turned but she had entered the church auditorium.
Dotun knew he had lost that opportunity. He got another the following month. It was at another vigil, they had a vigil once every month.
Kansola was standing at the usual place. He sent a young boy to call her.
I’m sorry for disturbing you again
It’s okay, she responded calmly. More reason why he likes her.
Please can I have your number? He tried his luck
It’s not a problem at all, she replied
Happy and surprised he took the number. He wasn’t expecting her to release her number so easily.
He thanked her.
She entered the auditorium.
Dotun was so excited, he could not wait to call her. She is so beautiful and talented, he thought but also very young and innocent. He knew he was liking her already.
Fast forward to the present, watching her sing brought smiles to his face. He knew she is destined for greatness, she is young. He is ready to wait for her . They were friends and on good terms already.
Dotun is a student of the state university, he worships at the campus fellowship of The Triumphant Church, but they come for joint service at the headquarters in town. It was one of these services that he met Kansola.
Kansola, the calm, beautiful and talented girl. He likes her but not sure about love yet. Whatever the case might be he is determined to wait for her. So despite the recent friendship he did not push anything to her.
Dotun is a drummer, a lover of music,grew up in the church. His father is a pastor, although he is not particularly religious but he still fears God to an extent. He is actively involved in church activities and fellowship.

He directs the choir, he plays keyboard, he plays drum, he plays sax and bass guitar what a talented young man! These were the words of a member to the pastor after a spirit lifting service.
Everybody likes brother Mide, he is so committed,full of life,jovial and friendly. When he was made the choir director of his church ”Word of Wisdom Ministry” no one had a contrary opinion they all knew he is the most capable person for the job.
The pastors love him, the youth loves him, the children loves him because he is so talented.
Ayomide grew up under strong religious influence. He is the fourth of six. He has three elder sisters who are “fireful sisters”. His parents are ministers. His family is also a singing family. Every member of his family are all into music. Ayomide is actively involved in church affairs from his childhood.
Ayomide is tall, dark and prettily handsome and his jovial nature plus his talents always attract a lot of girls to him. There are some that practically ask him out. This is a major challenge for him because he just does not know how to chase the girls away.
Mide is not particularly born again but the fact that he was raised by ministers and surrounded by genuine Christians makes it easy to assume he is born again.
He has a flare for girls who sings probably because he is musically inclined. Mide had not had a stable relationship. He finds it hard to choose. He never rejects or fully accept the girls who throws themselves at him, he just put himself in the middle.

Oyinkansola knew that one way or the other she will meet Iyin again, she didnt know how soon though.
She was just strolling down her news feed on Facebook one day when it occured to her that she could connect with him on Facebook.

Oyinkansola is the second of three children. She is seventeen years old.She has an elder brother and a younger sister. Her father died when she was barely six years old. She did not get to know her father much, he was sick for a long time. Since he died her mother has been both a mother and a father to her and her siblings.
She always had this void feeling, she longs for a father figure.
After the completion of her high school, she found out she no longer has friends. All her friends have either relocated or gained admission into tertiary institution, others did not care to get in touch. She gets lonely most times as she is not particularly close to her mom and her siblings.
She had written the last Wassce but failed a compulsory subject. She had to re write.
Kansola first saw Iyin at a children’s camp when they were ten years old. It’s so funny that she got attracted to him since then and was crushing on him throughout their secondary school days.
Amusingly anywhere she gets to, somebody is always an acquaintance of Iyin. She met Iyin’s former primary school classmate and church members at the coaching center she attends. Even though she hasn’t seen this guy for a while it makes her feel connected to him.
This particular night she decided to connect with Iyin on Facebook, he searched for him and sent him a request.
Not long after, he accepted. She felt on top of the world, one would think she just got proposed to. She took a step further and copied his phone number. He decided to put a call through.
She knew the best time to call him………..

Victoria Olakanye

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