Focus – We help CLIENTS focus on their priorities as artists and as businesses. There are many projects demanding your attention – gigs, recordings, and promotion to name a few. We will look at where you are and where you want to go to help focus your efforts on achieving your goals. Focus On Your Goals – the success of our business relationship will be that we have focused on meeting your goals and have offered targeted solutions. Your ROI for your business should be rooted in increase satisfaction from your clients, improving your fan base, and increasing your presence within the music business.

Clarity – Through this focus on your priorities and the necessity of operating a business, we help clarify what your planning strategy will be. Our services range from a thorough analysis of your current status to the planning and implementation of a variety of projects.

Flourish – This complete attention to the artist and their business allows the artist to flourish in their endeavors as evidenced by our clients.

Timely Recommendations – we listen to your objectives, do the required research and make the targeted suggestions that will help you meet those objectives. We are not in business to have you rely primarily on us. Our job is to help you grow your music business and offer you relevant, timely, and accurate information to help your music as a business/ministry.

Event/Project Management – You’ve got an upcoming project that seems like a massive undertaking and you don’t know where to begin. Maybe you’ve already completed some aspects of your project and need some help moving it to the next level. We can step in and help at whatever service you require. Our attention to detail is evident through a thorough “Work Breakdown Structure” (WBS) that outlines all of the details to your specific project. Each project is unique and we strive to capture that in the work we do for individual artists and groups. Contact us for further information.



Client Consultation – Do you want to talk to someone about your future plans that can offer some insight on how to proceed? Book a consultation through form below and we will work with you one on one. Each session is charged per hour or per month, VERY AFFORDABLE, NEGOTIABLE, and WORTHY!

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