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EKUNDAYO – Adeyemi Faustina Toyin

Adeyemi Faustina Toyin, started her singing career at early age from the choir department.   She hails from Oka Akoko, Ondo State, Nigeria.   She is...

Ore Otito – ROYAL Ufoma Temidayo

Royal Ufoma Temidayo is a 40year old female drummer whose drumming skill was born out of her passion for the service of the living...

Igba Otun – Deaconess Taiwo Juliet

Ìgbà Ọ̀tun( New Dawn ) by Deaconess Taiwo Juliet Oloruntogbe (Iwonimaasin) Beautifully Produced by Bode Ojumu(Bordray) for Soundlab Productions

“Olùràpadà MI” by Adeyemi Faustina

Here comes a hot tune for you this easter, by Adeyemi Faustina. Olùràpadà MI is HER...


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