2020 in Retrospect



It’s the last day of the year.
It’s been quite a year. 2020 is the year that opened up several potentials. Many things we never knew we could do,alternative source of income we didn’t think we could have. Reality of life dawned on us during the lockdown and quarantine season.

2020 came upon us in January like a new born baby, we were all excited because 2020 is a year we have been looking forward to,a millennia year.

Everything was going on fine until Covid hit us and forced us out of the streets into our homes. We needed to stay home to stay safe. We all started looking out for alternatives. We maximized the use of the internet for our social and religious gatherings. We realized some of us could work from home.

Although a lot of businesses crashed and found it difficult to rise again post covid, yet there were new businesses that sprang up.
There were both negative and positive implications of the lockdown.
Well, it’s quite unfortunate that we lost lives to covid and other deaths. (May their soul rest in peace).

End SARS in Nigeria came, several incidents surfaced but we overcame.
We are still alive meaning there is still hope.

As the end year ends, take a stock of your life, find out your errors, your weaknesses and fix them.

It is imperative for everyone not to compare themselves with others, yes a lot of people achieved great things in the midst of all the crisis but don’t be discouraged if you were only able to count losses. You are alive, the dead cannot count losses.

You didn’t meet your target in 2020 but it’s ok, you survived.
2021 is another year to forge ahead.

Even though the government has placed a ban on crossover services it won’t stop 2021 from being a great year.
Be open minded and positive minded. Speak into the universe ahead of the year.
Your testimony will not pass you by.
Everything good will come.


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