Audio: “Safe In Your Arms” by Purist Ogboi [@Purist_Ogboi]

Safe In Your Arms is a contemporary gospel song written and performed by multi-award winning Purist Ogboi. It’s a beautiful worship song which expresses intimacy with God, safety in His loving arms.

Safe In Your Arms is the 4th single from Purist’s forthcoming album project.

The song was brilliantly produced by MOBO award winning producer Evans Ogboi, Purist‘s husband.



In your presence I am content
I don wanna go anywhere else

Under your wings I am secure
I am safe in your arms

I am safe where you are
Safe where you are
I don’t wanna go anywhere else


In my weakness
Lord you’re my strength
My present help In times of need
You’re my glory..
You’re my comfort
Lord I’m safe in your arms

Lover of my soul
I give you full control
All my life,
I will dwell in your house
You’re the air I breath
In you I have my being
I’m safe right here…
Where you are

I don wanna go any where else
I wanna stay right here
I don wanna go anywhere else
I am safe right here…