Daily Impact with Rev. Yemi Graceman Aduloju


Daily Impact: April 13, 2024
Topic: Strength in the inner man
Text: Ephesians 3:16

You need a very strong inner man to be able to fulfill the counsel and purpose of God in your life. The distance you’re able to cover in life is determined by the strength of your inner man. A weak inner man makes a weak life and destiny but a strong inner man makes a strong life and destiny. The inner man can only be strengthened by the Spirit of God. The strength of your spirit man determines:

1. The level of spiritual authority you command
2. Your ability to resist the devil.
3. Your ability to say no to temptations. Temptations are real and common to man, they happen to all at different phases. A man with a weak inner man will fall flat before temptations. You can profit from your temptations and trials depending on the strength of your inner man. Some fall never to rise again. A man with a strong inner being rises up after a fall. James 1: 2-4, Overcoming temptations and trials strengthens you and helps you to become perfect and complete, lacking nothing.
4. Your ability to withstand pressures, challenges and adversities. Pressure comes to every man. Pressures of all kinds in different aspects of life. Challenges of life are real and normal. Some fall in the phase of adversities, challenges and pressures due to weakness on the inner man. The strength of your inner man determines your adversity quotient (AQ). AQ is determined by the level of adversity you’re able to withstand. Proverbs 24:10. The spirit of man sustains him in the face of adversity.

1. Father, I receive strength in my inner man to say no to temptations.
2. I receive spiritual stamina to withstand the pressures, challenges and adversities of life.
3. I receive might in my inner man through the spirit of God.

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