EeZee Conceptz Global Young Signee Bows Out of Label Claims Abuse 


Eezee Conceptz Global can be said to be Nigeria’s foremost Gospel record label, it began its operation in Port Harcourt but moved to Lagos after signing its first artiste, Mercy Chinwo.

Minister Judikay joined the label in 2019 and the label has recorded more signees including GUC and Chidinma.

EeZee Global is the first Gospel record label to offer full sign-on package to Nigerian Gospel artiste including a house, a car and other incentives.

The label has helped relieve gospel singers from having to struggle with basic amenities as Eezee Tee, CEO of Eezee Conceptz Global provided all they needed.

From the onset, the EeZee Global facility contains a digital and live recording studio for audio and video recording, so as to provide artiste with a conducive environment and take off the hassles of logistics which in turn will keep the artist’s mind fresh.

The label is in the spotlight again after the former youngest artist on the label, Great Daniel, asserted that he was abused by the label.

You would recall that the first artiste on the label, Mercy Chinwo, caused quite a buzz on social media with the video of her song, ‘Confidence.’ The public assumed the video was about her experience with Eezee Conceptz Global as it was confirmed she was no longer with them.

Great Daniel claimed to have been slapped for speaking in tongues while ministering. This claim does not  seem grounded as other artistes in the label speaks in tongues frequently while ministering. Looking at it from another perspective, artistes who have been part of the label had good things to say about the label before things went sour.We cannot take away the impact of Eezee Conceptz Global in the gospel music industry.

Yet, we also cannot be the judge of the matter as no one knows what the real truth is.

But the truth always win.


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