Eleto Aiye mi – Yetunde Obanla


Nigerian Multi-talented recording artist, Yetunde Obanla releases a new single titled “Eleto Aye Mi”.

According to her; This Girl, broken, but rearranged back into shape. Damaged but repaired into purpose. Rejected but adopted by The Father of fathers. Deprived but always adequately provided and cared for by The “Eleto” of the Universe. All my songs and words have always expressed my journey from those paths into this point I am now. For the sole purpose of helping whoever is walking such paths and having those realities now, directing their attention unto the mercy of The Almighty! Mercy! Always available. Ever sure.

My “Eleto aiye mi” song further proclaims how far mercy can take one! Oh, oh, oh, my journey has been that of mercy alone! Mercy, garnished by Grace and Strength, the topping being Honor!

Whoever you are, whatever it is, this your unpalatable reality will change. As long as you keep walking through with the truth of GOD’S Word. The truth I mean, you get? You’ll see how step on step, you’ll be out of the pit which “generational” strongholds had confined you to.

You’ll shine your own shine. You’ll enjoy your own joy!

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