Gay Man Who Finds Jesus, Marries a Woman Says ‘The Word of God Began to Change Me’


A man who used to be involved in homosexual lifestyle has spoken openly of his miraculous conversion. Impressively, after he found Christ, Brian Wheelock was taken on a miraculous journey of renewal and, eventually, ended up marrying a woman.
Speaking to a crowd at the Freedom March in Washington D.C., Wheelock talked candidly about his former life, declaring that Christ set him free from sexual sin in a profound and powerful way.
“I lived that life for at least ten years, and it was a crazy time in my life,” he said of his former life embroiled in homosexual relationships. “Those feelings were real. I spent a lot of time in relationships and you know what, that’s who I was, it was my identity.”
Speaking with great courage, Wheelock said that he “thought he was free” at the time. Soon, however, he realized that he was becoming increasingly depressed and was overcome with a dreadful sense of emptiness.
“The more immersed, and the more I lived that life, to me it was empty, and it just began to be a place of depression for me – where I just wasn’t fulfilled,” he said, according to the Christian Institute .
It was only when Brian traveled to the United Kingdom that he was confronted with his need to change. Sinking into a pit of depression and despair, he sought God. “I felt God was telling me ‘Brian, this is not my best for you. Brian, I have better for you,’” Wheelock explained.
Then, Wheelock, who was at the time still involved in homosexual relationships, began to experience vivid dreams about meeting a woman who would at some stage become his wife. Brian recorded the experience in a powerful journal entry:
“Last night I had a dream- a vision from God. I dreamt that I got married (to a girl!) who has a medium build with long brown hair. She was beautiful. Together we had 3 or 4 kids…it was hard to tell. But I could clearly see the oldest. A girl- a beautiful girl- with long brown hair. She was twirling and spinning with flowers in her hair and the biggest smile on her face,” he wrote, according to LifeSite News.
He felt like it was God speaking to him about his sexual orientation.
So, upon returning to the United States and still wildly conflicted, Brian decided to set foot in a church. “I just literally went to a church and just started hearing the word of God, and something about the word of God began to change me from the inside out,” he said.
However, with the self-awareness to know that he was not beyond the perils of temptation, Wheelock then did something absolutely extraordinary – he wrote up a covenant between him and God, promising not to dwell on sinful thoughts. He would sign it twice daily as a reminder that he could win the battle over sin.
While many would criticize this as legalism, Brian was simply following the crucial scripture found in 2 Corinthians 10:5 that instructs us to “take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.”
Gradually, as he practiced obedience to Jesus, and with the help of the Holy Spirit, something began to shift in his life.
“I didn’t pray in the name of Jesus that he would make me straight,” Wheelock explained. “I prayed I would die to myself and I would become a follower of Jesus Christ. And God is faithful to that.”
After a period of continued healing, Brian went to meet his future wife, Pam. Incredibly, the couple now has three children together and a blessed family life.
“I look at my girls and sometimes cry,” Wheelock said. “If I didn’t yield myself to the Lord and follow His lead, these little munchkins wouldn’t even exist! It overwhelms me to think that an entire generation—my kids, their kids and onward—wouldn’t have even been possible if I didn’t embrace the plan that Jesus was showing me.”


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