Happy Valentine’s Day

It’s February 14.

Most likely you don’t know the genesis of the Valentine celebration.

It’s a day set aside for lovers, right?

We don’t care where it originated from. It doesn’t really matter, does it?

It’s a celebration so we jump on it, just like Christmas. Even non-christians celebrate Christmas.

But if we take time to research, we will discover that Valentine’s day is  not just meant for ”mushy-mushy” like we have turned it into.

It is a a day set aside to celebrate the life of Saint Valentine who put the needs of others above his.

He was eventually executed for believing in love.

Same way Jesus laid down His life for the sake of love.

While we celebrate love, remember there is a being who loves and cares for us more than any human can ever love.

He laid His life down for us so we can live forever.

Don’t be carried away with the activities of today that you forget the one with the greatest kind of love.

He gave us only two commandments; to love God and to love our neighbours.

Show love to people around you not just today alone but every single day.

In loving your neighbour you’re also loving God.

If you cannot love the man you see, how then can you love the God you cannot see?

Of all things, Love is the greatest.

Happy Valentine