“I Saw My health experience a 360 degree turn around said “pastor Issac Oyedapo”


Pastor Isaac Oyedepo, the leader of Living Faith Church Warri, and son of Bishop David Oyedepo recounts the testimony of how he lost weight from 111 kg to 75 kg due to health conditions.

The minister of God also revealed how God restored his health from high blood pressure and pre-diabetes. Pastor Isaac Oydepo also said the doctor told him he might have suffered heart attacks a few times without his knowledge.

Read the full testimony below:

“FROM 111 kg TO 73 kg (245 lbs TO 155 lbs), THIS IS MY TESTIMONY!

About 3 years ago, my health was challenged. I had high blood pressure reading almost to the 200s, I had pre-diabetes almost getting to full blown diabetes and the doctor confirmed, that it seemed I may have suffered heart attacks a few times without knowing.

This was a wonderful situation, for lack of a better word, but being a part of this great family has taught us, that we do not just accept any negative report but we take personal responsibility in God’s word. Trusting and believing God, I saw my health experience a 360 degree turn around.

I was able to change my diet following what the scripture teaches, and there was a total reversal in 24 months.

If God did it for me, He can do it for you as well!”


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