Jesus Dey Here – Sewe Don-Loho


Sewe Don-Loho blesses us with a new sound to start off the New Year – ‘Jesus Dey Here’.

This is a follow-up track to “I Surrender’’ which was released September last Year. Sewe took us this time around on a very inspirational and lively Afrobeat (Afropop) Journey. How else can we thank our maker for giving us yet another year in spite of all the challenges the previous came with.

Sewe is calling you to join her and million others to dance to the faithfulness of the Lord in this irresistible Afropop Tune titled “Jesus Dey Here”.

We made it to 2021, go put on your dancing shoes, with Jesus Dey Here, it is impossible not to move your body in celebration of God’s faithfulness. ‘’Jesus dey here’’, he is our provider and our helper. As you dance and sing may he reach us all at the point of our needs.

This is the remix version of ‘Jesus Dey Here’ which she first did in 2010, produced by Stargate , mix & mastered by TeeY Mix.

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