Power of Life – Paul C. Olisa


Gospel singer, Songwriter and Minister of God with great passion in winning souls for Christ, Paul C. Olisa has released a new single titled “Power of Life”.


“Power of Life” is not just one of the usual songs, it is a unique song that gives us direction and empowers us to do the will of God.


“Sometime ago in my intercessory prayers, when it seems I have exhausted all my prayer points. I gradually went into meditation, and God opened my eyes to see that, not only me, but a lot of Christians always fail to conclude prayers with asking The Will of God. The lyrics of this song did not come at that time. When God later gave me the song, I woke up singing it, it came with a lot of joy in my heart and I know it is an answered prayer”, Paul said.


Jesus Christ thought us in the Lord’s prayer to pray that God’s will be done on Earth. But in our individual life and intercessory prayers, we always fail to pray that God’s will be done. There are things we wish or want done in our lives, we believe it’s what we need. But the Almighty omnipotent God knows what we really need, at what time we need it, and at what proportion we need it. Jesus Christ himself, when he prayed at the garden of Getsemane that the cup he was about to drink should pass him by. He concluded his prayers by saying let not his will be donee , but the will of God the Father. (Luke 22:42)


The song Power of Life begins with an Intro. In expressing desire or longing for God, it depicts total dependence on God. (Psalm 42 verse 1). The song was spiritually packaged to impart positively into the life of the partakers. So it was inspired by Holy Spirit, to give us direction and ultimately fulfill our mandate in life.



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