Save Our Soul – STEVOSKY ft. Joanne Togati



Save our soul is a song of a broken, I wrote this song on a mission and it really means alot to my own personal life.

I really hope it inspires other’s with the spirit filled inspiration & guidelines I used in writing a song as Tremendous and full of life. Save our soul whole lyrics including the Raps, chorus & Bridges where written by me and it actually took over 3 months to get this song done.

In reference Save our soul is a song all about believers, struggling being double-minded, and also practicing Religion to forsake the Gospel. Let make it clear, God gave us Christ we crucified him and founded Religion & doctrines.

Save our soul is God himself shinin’ on me, as a believer sometimes it’s get hard and I see myself in the beat Version of God’s love Always. For what we a man give in exchange for his soul ?

This song it self has 3 Emotions and I was inspired to write a Rap line just like ” Dax’s ” (Dear God). The song really means alot to me and I hope yall find yourself in between in the lines.

Save our soul is unveiling mysteries as Humans and it’s so controversial to understand the real meaning of those words.

Don’t let anything keep you from Choosing eternal life, you’re the master of your soul. How do I take this blindness to regain it sight ?
How do I tell the world, your coming is near ? How do I know where I’m going heaven or hell ?

Centuries on centuries it’s all gonna end, by the blood of the lamb we’re saved from hell. There’s alot questions we asked about the past which still remain mysteries to human knowledge.

Our journey as human on Earth is a mission which has a destination, to lead our steps from vanities and the lord said ; I WANT YOUR SOUL








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