The Shocking Unions – Victoria Olakanye


The internet has been buzzing with the shocking news of Evangelist Lawrence Oyor’s engagement to Darasimi Mike-Bamiloye. The announcement came in as a shock to most of their fans.

Though it didn’t come from any of the party, somebody who probably stumbled on their wedding invitation card posted it online and as expected it generated quite a number of reactions.

Many of us didn’t see it coming. A lot of people came out to say that the union is a divine one based on the spiritual stamina of the couple. Evangelist Lawrence Oyor is a gospel artiste with a special kind of hunger for God, most people call him ”Bowl of fire” . Dara on the other hand is the only daughter of the renowned Drama Evangelist, Mike Bamiloye. She is a spoken word artiste and an actress as well, of course sister to Dami and Joshua Bamiloye.

Joshua Mike- Bamiloye got married last year with Lawrence Oyor as his best man, earlier this year they both worked on a movie soundtrack ”The Train”. There has been quite a lot of speculations as to where and how the couple met but if we put two and two together we would discover that Lawrence has been friends with Dami and Joshua for a long time now that explains how they met.
But we still await their own version of how they met after the wedding.

The wedding is slated for the 10th of October and it’s strictly by invitation.

Alison Hyancitho has set the ball of weddings rolling earlier in the year when he got married to Aunty Chocolate.
Now it seems all the eligible men of God has picked up the challenge.
A picture of Minister Theophilus Sunday and a lady has been spotted which is presumed to be a pre wedding picture. We await the official announcement.

As if that is not enough Gift Ugochi Christopher also proposed to his long time girlfriend, Nene Utuk on her birthday.
From our investigation,they have been in a relationship for a number of years long before GUC became famous and now wedding bells are ringing.

You think that’s all the intending wedding news I have🤓🤓🤓

There are still more.

As if they all planned to shock us at the same time.

Apostle Lawal Suleiman of the Glory hub international ministries is also getting married.
A wedding invitation design was seen online posted by his fiancée although his face was not shown but we have been able to figure out that he is the groom.

Somebody said men of God has eyes for beautiful women😀😀. What do you expect?
If they have served God faithfully they deserve the best of God’s daughters.

And for all those who think men of God are not romantic, this men has totally proved you wrong. You can be spiritual and romantic.

Did I mention that Apostle Joshua Selman has also been taken?

Yes, his wedding will be announced soon.
We can’t wait.
We pray God will bless their homes and the blessing will flow round.



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