Tola Omoniyi Presents Distoria : A Telling Bible Stories Concert


Tola Omoniyi CEO/Founder of Online Gospel Radio station; “Praiseworld Radio” takes a shot at Distoria: A telling bible stories concert.

Tola Omoniyi has consistently told bible stories in the most captivating and creative way, via the Telling Bible Stories with TOLA weekly podcast for over a year with 4 complete seasons and 54 episodes.

He is bringing Distoria: Bible Stories Concert, the experience to stage. which is first of its kind, a storytelling concert.

Tola who is a successful, experienced MC/Radio Host/Broadcaster, to name a few, is undoubtedly an embodiment of talent, innovation, skill, and inspiration.

On his weekly podcast, he tells Bible stories in today’s language and context, making it very relatable for the 21st century.

The concert is slated for 5:30pm on Wednesday December 9th, 2020 Live at Father’s House, Odo Eran, Abeokuta, Ogun State.


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