AUDIO: “Loke Loke” – Fazino Ft. Tutipsy [@IghoFazino]


After a brief hiatus, talented christian hip hop artiste and songwriter, Fazino is back with a new hot single, Loke Loke featuring Tutipsy.

Loke Loke, which roughly translates upward and forward, is a prayer-themed song brilliantly put together by the artiste.

Commenting on the new single, Fazino said:

“I pray the Lord lift you up, set your feet on a rock, give you a firm place to stand and cause you to make great progress and move upward and forward forever, in Jesus’ Name! This is my heartfelt, earnest prayer for all who listens to this track!”

Ace music producer, Samklef produced the track.

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Gee gee (It’s Fazino…)
On the beat we’ve got (Samklef classic)
Loke Loke (Tutipsy) Jeun soke
We’re going higher you know (for real)
I’m shining, I’m shining (ah ah)


Loke Loke
Oluwa ti gbemi soke
Mowa oke, I’ve been living my life paying my dues and shining
Living my life paying my dues and shining
Loke loke,jeun soke… I’ve been living my life paying my dues and shining,living my life paying my dues and shining.

Verse 1:

Brought me out of cage that’s breakthrough
Heading to the top that’s great too
Been around the world cuz I came through
Now I feel it in my chest I’m the best too
Don’t bother me
You know I’ve got the swag and the energy
Quit hating and just tell me if you feron mi
Cuz I’m doing what I’m doing cuz I love it
And I’m happy to be here right.

Chorus: (Repeat)

Verse 2:

Dreaming big dreams in day light
I’m happy that I made it to the limelight
You know say he no easy but we still shine
Now we’re making lot of money in the limelight
Please don’t envy me
I try to do my best and leave the rest for him
I love to bring my people happiness for real
And I’m doing what I’m doing
Cuz I love it and I’m doing it for real

Chorus: (Repeat)

Verse 3:

Now I don come back again
And I’m feeling the way
Them dey halla my name (loke)
Don’t you get carried away
I’m the boss and today I can spoil you again
Just chill and tell me how you want am now
No forming yes you know say we dey run things now
With Samklef on the beat we dey bring roof down
And we’re doing what we’re doing
Cuz we love it and we’re killing em
For real ah!

Chorus: Repeat till fade.


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Twitter: @IghoFazino
Facebook: Ighofazino Fazino


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