Battles – Tim Godfrey


Announcing a new partnership deal with Choccitymusic and Warnermusic, Tim Godfrey releases new single and video, “Battles.”

The new song “Battles” shed light on the struggles faced by the people and how the enemy has been putting fear in their minds.

Sharing his thoughts about the song, He says “This is how the accuser of the brethren would intensely want to oppose the things that God is doing in our lives and our society, one of his tactics is fear.

The world today is characterized by different struggles and vices, while some years go smoothly, other years are unpredictable.

2020 is one of such years, from the worldwide pandemic which resulted to inflation in developing countries, varying economic crisis around the world.

These are not just stories or statistics, these are “Battles.”

The song was recorded live at the annual “Tim Godfrey Fearless Concert.”

Watch Video Here:


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