Billy Graham’s Will And Testament Released To Public



The last will and testament of evangelist Billy Graham has been released to the public. Graham died of natural causes on February 21, 2018, at his home in Montreat, North Carolina, at the age of 99.

In his last will, Graham said, “When you read this I will be safely with Jesus in Paradise.” He said his wife, Ruth Graham who passed away in 2007, was the “greatest Christian” of all the people he had ever known.

“I ask my children and grandchildren to maintain and defend at all hazards and at any cost of personal sacrifice the blessed doctrine of complete Atonement for sin through the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ once offered, and through that alone,” the document reads. “I urge all of you to walk with the Lord in a life of separation from the world and to keep eternal values in view.”

Graham said he and Ruth determined when they were first married that they would tithe to the church and, in accordance with this, Graham said 10 percent of his estate will go “to the Lord’s work.”

The remaining residuary estate after the payments of any debts, expenses and taxes, will be divided among his children: Virginia Graham, Anne Graham Lotz, Ruth B. Graham, Franklin Graham and Nelson Graham.


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