Lady receives a life saving call from the Holy Spirit while in distress


Deborah Paul Enenche, first daughter of the Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel centre, Pastor Paul Enenche has taken to her social media page to share a mind blowing testimony.


The testimony:

Dad preached at our Bible school where the young lady in the second slide attends.

He’d preached on the efficacy and power of the Holy Ghost.
She heads home fully charged up and ready to take on anything.
As though laying in wait for her, she got accosted by a suspicious bolt(taxi) driver.
She thought it was a regular ride up until he threatened her and took her things.
She recalled the message she’d heard and felt a fury in her.
Just as she thinks, this can’t be my lot, her phone rings.

The ring tone happened to be my father roaring in tongues 😄(a popular clip of his in circulation called “The tongues of fire”).
The would be kidnapper/robber hears this and panics. Tells her to alight.

But here’s where it gets spooky 😩…
When she checks the caller id(thanks to the aid of the true caller app) she appeared to be telephoned by none other than the “Holy Spirit”

Guys this one left me flabbergasted.

I’m lost for words dude 🤯

Deborah Enenche


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