Christian Artist Lauren Daigle Makes Music History with ‘Look Up Child’


Grammy award-winning Christian artist Lauren Daigle has made music history with her latest album ”Look Up Child’.

‘Look Up Child’ has been on Billboard’s Top Christian Albums chart for 44 weeks and has been No. 1 for 39 weeks. Billboard reports that’s a new record.

The Louisiana native said the idea of childlike faith is a huge theme in the album.

“When friends get stuck in a rut where there’s no more passion and life is just work and pain, I show them my Mr. Potato Head,” Daigle shared. “It’s a reminder to look up, have that childhood faith, and not lose the passion.”

Daigle appeared on American Idol 10 years ago when she was 17 to audition for her chance to be the next star. Even though Daigle got a “no” from the judges at the time, she has become a force to be reckoned with in the music industry earning multiple top awards this year.

“It’s amazing how a ‘no’ can be detrimental in one place and how much power it can give you,” she said at the time.

She won a Grammy Award for the album ‘Look Up Child’ and she just earned three Billboard Music Awards. She performed the song “You Say” in this year’s 2019 Billboard Music Awards.

And she also just released a new music video on Apple for her song “Rescue.”

“My music is having crossover appeal, but it doesn’t mean that I’m leaving one for the other or that I’m going to be swept up by one thing or the other. For me, it’s like, ‘Oh, everything just got even more clear,'” Daigle said.

“Everything just got clearer as to why it is that we go and love people who are outside of the walls of our church, outside of the walls that we’re comfortable with,” the Christian Post reported.

Daigle started singing in her choir and continued to lead the choir at LSU. She tried out for American Idol in 2010 and 2012 after she was encouraged by her family to compete in the singing competition.

She was cut just before the final 24 contestants in 2010, and she did not make it to Hollywood in 2011. She made it to the Hollywood round in 2012, but was cut in the first Las Vegas round.

She made her debut on North Point InsideOut ‘s album, Hear, where she recorded “Close” and “You Alone” live at North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, Georgia. She later appeared on North Point Music’s album North Point Beginnings where she recorded “It is Well” in 2015.

Daigle was asked to sing background vocals on an EP for a local band called “The Assemblie” and the EP was briefly the most sold album in the US iTunes Store . After the release of the EP, Centricity Music invited her to attend a workshop.

When the singer for the main event at the workshop became ill, she was asked to fill in. This led to her singing on the Jason Gray single “Nothing is Wasted”. Centricity Music signed her on the label in 2013.

Her first single, “Light of the World” came from the 2013 album Christmas: Joy To The World, a collection of holiday songs from various Centricity artists.

Serving as Daigle’s solo introduction to the Christian music scene, the single garnered an initial fan-base and much attention for Daigle. That year, Daigle was asked to be a part of the Morning Rises Fall Tour with Aaron Shust and Mikeschair .


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