Comedian Akpororo blasts Daddy Freeze, says ”my tithe still works for me”.

by Victoria Olakanye


Popular Comedian Akpororo has revealed in a short Instagram video that he still pays his tithe and it works for him.


There has been a lot of agitations and controversy about tithing which was fueled by an OAP widely known as Daddy Freeze.He has been of the opinion that tithing is unbibilical and should be abolished. This opinion has caused a lot of confusion in the past for those who does not really understand the mystery behind tithing.

Daddy Freeze does not only condemn tithing, he is also known for calling out men of God on social media and most times his criticism are destructive and could shake any Christian who is not deeply rooted in Christ.
He called out Comedian Akpororo according to the Instagram video released by the latter and mocked him about his tithe asking if tithing no longer work for him, Akpororo replied him in the video calling him a ”wall gecko” and emphasizing that he still pays his tithe. The comedian made it clear that the shows and events he has been gracing are yielding positive results. He therefore advised Daddy Freeze to get sense.
In the same vein the comedian attacked the well known Instablog page which is apparently the genesis of the whole uproar and the interference of Daddy Freeze. Instablog posted a video of Akpororo giving out tickets to his show free of charge and claimed it was due to poor turnout despite the crashing price.This initial post led to Daddy Freeze’s comment about Akpororo’s tithe .
In Akpororo’s words Instablog has never uploaded any of his successes before now, not when he celebrated his birthday or bought a new house. He believes whoever is behind Instablog is a sadist.
The most important fact he emphasized in the video is that he is still a tithe payer and it still works for him.


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