Daily Impact with Rev. Yemi Graceman Aduloju


Daily Impact: November 18, 2023
Topic: The Prepared Place
Text: Revelation 12:6

You are a creature of great glory just like the woman in the passage. The glory of Job was stripped, Job 19:9. The enemy is always in search of glory to strip and crown to remove. Everyone with great glory will face severe attacks from the devil, the devil will not fight anyone without glory, he only fights what he is afraid of. The devil fights a man with dreams and ideas to bring forth. The brothers of Joseph were not angry with Joseph until he shared his dreams with them. The coat of many colours stirred no anger. When they were about to sell him, they exclaimed, behold the DREAMER cometh. The enemy is against your dream.
It is the responsibility of everyone with a dream to flee from every appearance of evil. A man with something to deliver to his generation must be a man on the run. He must be running with something, either his dreams, passion, or running from someone, probably one who wants to abort the dream or from something. He must be running towards a goal. The woman in the passage fled into the wilderness, a place prepared by God. Psalm 91:1, God has a prepared place for you, Exodus 33:21. The place of safety for us is the Rock which is symbolic of Christ Jesus. It is the Rock that followed the children of Israel all through their journey. Christ and the altar of God is a place of protection.

There are 2 major things to note concerning the place prepared for the woman;
1. It is the place of protection. You will be protected in the place God has prepared for you.
2. It is a place of provision.
You will not miss out on the protection of the Almighty God. He will always protect and defend you. Protection and provision are needed in this world of austerity, Philippians 4:19. We have protection and provision in Christ Jesus. Run into the name of Jesus, You are protected and safe in his name. Remain in the name of Jesus and your provision is guaranteed. Christ is Jehovah Jireh (your provider) and Jehovah Nissi (your banner).

Prayer Focus
1. Father, I run into the name of Jesus, I am safe, protected, and defended. Be my defence and that of my household.
2. Let me be divinely protected in you and let my provision be sure. Let bread be given to me and let my water be sure.
3. Father, take me to my prepared place in life and glory.


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