Daily Impact with Rev. Yemi Graceman Aduloju


Daily Impact: November 13, 2023
Topic: God Satisfies Desires
Text: Psalm 145:16

God is generous. He is generous to the good and bad and causes rain to fall on all. He gives liberally and does not upbraid. Every good and perfect gift comes from him. God has a responsibility towards the living. He created you in his image and likeness. Jesus asked us not to worry about anything, he feeds the birds of lesser value to us, and he would do much more for us than he does for the animals. God has the duty to take care of you as your father. You belong to God through Jesus Christ. You have the spirit of sonship and can cry out Abba Father. You are entitled to the blessing of Abraham. Galatians 3:13-14, We can access the blessings through Jesus Christ our Lord. God is committed to you by covenant.

You must have a desire by the will of God. A man who expects nothing will never be disappointed. You must live every day with a strong desire for God to do something great in your life and destiny. You must place a demand on God by your strong desires and your prayers. Ephesians 3:20, God answers your prayers and desires. What are your plans for the week, have a daily desire. Every day has its evil, so you must desire daily. This week, God will satisfy every desire of your heart, the hands of God will be open to you, and he will compel men to open their hands to you. God spoke to the widow of Zarephath to meet Elijah’s needs for daily sustenance. God opened his hands to Elijah through the widow and satisfied the widow’s desires through Elijah. God applied a symbiotic relationship between Elijah and the widow. God will satisfy the desires of your heart.

Prayer Focus
1. Father, open your hands to me and satisfy the desires of my heart.
2. Father, settle me in every aspect of my life this week.
3. Father, show your generosity to me this week, and let men be generous to me
4. Father, surround my life and destiny with your favour this week. Let men go out of their way to favour me this week

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