Daily Impact with Rev. Yemi Graceman Aduloju


Daily Impact: November 12, 2023
Topic: Purpose, Pursuit, Persistence and God’s Presence

Our purpose is found in God’s presence where we receive the tool to pursue and the grace to persist until the result is achieved. Purpose, pursuit, Persistence, and God’s presence are 4 major keys that lead to success in life.

Purpose: life without purpose is equal to pressure without reason, Many out there do not understand the issue of purpose, a man that is alive without purpose is merely existing. Living purposelessly makes a man an appendage to others. Purpose is central to the fulfillment of life and destiny. Galatians 1:15-16, Apostle Paul explained his purpose because he understood his purpose. He understood he was called and separated from his mother’s womb by the grace of God. Paul excelled and was successful as long as he pursued his purpose. Purpose is a discovery and not a decision. Your purpose is your number one key to being successful.

Pursuit: An understanding of purpose without pursuit is insufficient. Purpose must be pursued. Philippians 3:14, every purpose must be pressed. Life loses colour without purpose. Pursuit is living for a course with all you have in you. It is giving your all to your purpose to make it a reality. Pursuit entails doing the right thing at the right time. Purpose does not fulfill itself, there must be a driving force to make it happen.

Persistence: Every purpose in pursuit will be opposed. The enemy, satan, flesh, and government policies will oppose you. To persist is to tirelessly pursue your goal, purpose, and dream. When you feel weary, you must behave like the three mighty men of David who were tired but fighting. They did not give up when others did. Be tireless in the pursuit of your purpose. Don’t end up like the children of Israel who got to their wit’s end at the appearance and threat of Goliath. They broke down and hid themselves in holes and caves until David arrived on the scene. Greatness does not appear until purpose is pursued.

God’s Presence: Exodus 33: 15, 14, Moses told God that he and the children of Israel would go nowhere without the presence of God. There is no reason to pursue without God’s presence. God assured Moses of His presence and rest. May the presence of God go with you and give you rest. The God factor is the greatest key to any human endeavour. It is the major factor for success. God’s presence guarantees purpose discovery and pursuit. God’s presence is a determinant of persistence. David inquired of the Lord after his wives and children and that of the other men who went to the battle were taken captive. He leveraged the presence of God for direction, to pursue, overtake, and recover all that was stolen from him. As you go into God’s presence, may you find your purpose, receive the tools for pursuit and the grace to persist in pursuit, and record results in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen

Prayer Focus
1. Father, As I appear before you today, let me find clarity of purpose and give me the tools to pursue and the grace to persist and record results.
2. Father, let your presence journey with me the remaining days of this year in the name of Jesus
3. Father, give me the grace to achieve results, may my efforts produce results and not be wasted. As I press towards the mark, let me make the mark in the name of Jesus.


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