Daily Impact with Rev. Yemi Graceman Aduloju


Daily Impact: November 17, 2023
Topic: You have a great glory
Text: Revelation 12:1-6

You are covered with great glory. God designed you with glory and placed a crown on your head. God endowed man with so much honour that was acknowledged by the angels in Psalm 8:3. The angels could be likened to the brother of the prodigal son who complained he was never honoured although he remained faithful and committed to his father’s business. You are a creature of glory by predestination and your destination is glory. The enemy is always seeking for glory to attack, Matthew 2. The devil does not fight what he is not afraid of, the greater the glory, the fiercer the fight that you will face. Glory has weight, there is an eternal weight of Glory God intends to reveal in you and through you.

You are pregnant with a miracle, great ideas, abilities, etc. God has packaged so much within you. Your generation is awaiting the manifestation of the glory resting on your inside, Romans 8:19. The devil does not fight anyone who lacks glory. Your great potential, glory, and grace will depopulate the kingdom of hell and this is the major reason the devil is fighting against your glory. You need to stir up your latent glory and manifest it. You will birth your miracles and ideas. They will not die within you. The devil was waiting to devour the woman’s child as soon as it was born, your miracle will not be devoured. There will be no waste of anything God has packaged within you. May every power awaiting to devour your glory be devoured by fire in the name of Jesus, Psalm 97:3.

God helped the woman and the miracle she birthed. Help came from God to rescue the child. God took the child to his throne outside the reach of the enemy. May your glory be taken far away from the reach of the enemy. God prepared a place of safety, protection, and provision for the woman. May the Lord bless you and protect your glory, may he not deliver you to the will of your enemies.

Prayer Focus
1. Father, let the glory upon my life be made manifest, let me demonstrate glory and live in glory.
2. Father, I receive spiritual strength and stamina to bring forth the glory on my inside.
3. Father, Every power or force waiting at the junction of breakthrough be consumed by fire.
4. Father, Let everything that came out of me be divinely protected in the name of Jesus.

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