De Emerald Choir Bags Choir of the Year at AGMA 20


De Emeralds Choir has emerged as the best choir of the year at the Annual Gospel Music Awards which held at the Havana Royal Hall, Ibadan on the 13th of December 2020.
De Emerald Perfect Expressions (De Emeralds Choir),(Registered with CAC) was established in the year 2005, in Ondo State, by Mr Gbenga Obagbemi, assisted by Mr Deji Adesuyi.
The Organization is a musically inclined with well trained and seasoned members both academically and musically. Her members are over 100 both home and abroad, with branches in Akure, Ile-ife and Lagos.
The crew has performed at countless events, gone for several concerts on invitation. Some of which are government invitations, church invitation, choral concerts, marriages and birthdays etc.
They have performed at Aso Rock, MASS concerts, Ushering in of Pastor David Oyedepo with Halleluyah Chorus for his ministration, AMNI petroleum anniversary, 10th Anniversary of Royal School of Church Music.

Many songs have been produced from the table of this team, many of which includes; Shalayo, Ji Masun, Tiwatope,Gbese, Aye, etc, many of these songs have been aired on national TV, and cable TV, like Dove and TVC etc.

Many awards have been presented to De Emeralds Choir which include;
Award for producing FUTA anthem by the CEO of De Emerald,
Award of Best Choir of the year by AGMA ,
Award of Excellence in Music Artistry by OSMA and many more.

Apart from music, De Emeralds crew offer charity outreaches which are forms of givebacks to the society, (e.g, charity courtesy visit to orphanage homes, humanitarian visit to the prisons and Charity visit to Ago Ireti leprosarium.)

They have been able to launch an album in 2018 2019 and another in 2020, to the glory of God.
Congratulations to De Emerald Choir.


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