#EndPoliceBrutality continues to trend across social media platforms as notable Gospel artistes and Preachers lend their voices – Victoria Olakanye


Nigerians especially the youths has been pouring out their minds on Police Brutality since last week. The protests initially started online and graduated into an offline protest.

The protests is currently on-going in different states across the country. Several influencers has joined the movement including notable men of God.

Though the protest has been peaceful so far, yet some persons were arrested and some were shot, this steamed up Nigerians as there has not been any case of violence.

A few influential Nigerians has offered to help out in the release of the arrested protesters and also foot the bills of the injured ones.

Frank Edwards :

Tim Godfrey also joined the protest:

Pastor Sam Adeyemi has been on it since the beginning of the hashtag:

Bukola Bekes:

Pastor Chris Oyakilome,Apostle Johnson Suleiman and several others are also involved in creating awareness about the movement.
While some pastors joined the protest offline, some are protesting online as long as our voices are heard.


Nigerians are angry because the government has reformed the Special Anti-robbery Squad(SARS) severally yet nothing has changed. Citizens still get harassed and molested by them. This time Nigerians are not ready to back down until the changes are remarkable.


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