A 34-year-old Nigerian contests for US state of Michigan Governorship – Victoria Olakanye


Amidst the recent protests and trending hashtags, Austin Chenge, a 34 year old Nigerian has joined the race for the governorship seat of Michigan.

The head of Media and Public Relations unit of Nigerians in Diaspora Commission(NIDCOM) Abdul-Rahman Balogun said the Benue state indigene announced his intention to run in March 2020. He is the first Republican to do so.

Chenge, is said to be popular for designing the tricycle known as ”Wazobia tricycle”in 2016, it improved the life of peasants farmers all over Africa.

He is a law graduate from the University of Birmingham, England. He has been the US Military since 2018.

Nigerian youths both in Nigeria and in diaspora are doing great and making impact everywhere.
Currently the youths are spearheading the reform of the Nigeria Police, they are sponsoring the protest which shows that a large number of Nigeria youths are gainfully employed and not criminals or lazy.



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