“Everything” by Maria Obehi


I am obehi Maria osemudiamen, a native of Edo state, Esan central to be precise.

I’m a gospel Artist and I’ve also been in the choir for years to the glory of God praising and worshipping HIM.

My debut single is titled EVERYTHING.

It brings me joy and excitement sharing this song with you.
We are all made in the likeness of God, He’s in us and in everything around us.
We are God’s replica here on earth n God as we all know inhabits the praises of his people.

The lyrics of this song came to me as i listened to ppiano play on the keyboard, as truly good sounds trill God..

This beautiful song was produced by the two-time consecutive winner of the Award for Best producer of the year at the AGMA, Ppiano for Distinct Music Productions and we trust God that each time you listen to this song, it will surely bless, uplift and serve as a reminder that we are made in Gods likeness..

Everything (God’s look-alike we are).

Download, Listen and Rebroadcast.




He’s in u
He’s in me
He’s in everything we see all around us 2x

First solo:

You breath in us
You gave us life
You made us look like you
You are in us and we in you
You are our Savior
Our lord our king and all
You are our God and you are everything..

Second solo:

Our God in you we draw our strength making all things possible
I will sing to your praises forever
From my mama’s womb you knew me created me to worship
You’re the sunshine in my world…


He lives in me
He is in you
He is in me
He is in us

He lives in you
He is in me
He is in you
He lives in us

He lives in me
He is in you
He is in me
He lives in us

He is in you
He is in me
He lives in me
He lives in us

You’re my everything
Everything i have is you 3x


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