Family Life Affairs with Rev. Yemi Graceman Aduloju


Family Life Affairs: 29th September 2023
Topic: Marriage as God intended
Text: Genesis 2:24-25 

Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.

God intends a leaving and cleaving that is severance. A man who must marry must be willing, ready, and prepared to leave. Leaving precedes cleaving. There are married people today who are unwilling to leave their parents’ houses. A man is married but remains in his father’s house and the wive’s room is next to his mum’s. This is improper and not the way God intended marriage to be. You are expected to leave your parents and not take every issue with your spouse to your parents. Do not attempt to take a lady to the altar till you are ready to leave. Refusal to leave will result in a break in the marriage. It is only a matter of time. Psalms 45:10-11, God also expects the lady to leave her parent’s house. Her affection and commitment should be to her new home (her husband and children). A woman who runs back to her parents at every given opportunity may begin to have the same experiences as her parents. Take a cue from God’s word to leave and be one flesh with your spouse.

God expects a couple to be naked and unashamed. Be open to your spouse. Let your spouse see into you. Be open. An unbroken man or woman denies his/her spouse access to their gadgets because there are things to hide. Cleaving is possible where there is leaving and openness, where there is nothing hidden from each other. You cannot cleave with lots of secrets being kept from each other. Everyone is as sick as the secret he keeps. The fall of man introduced the concept of hiding to mankind. There will be no secrets without a fall.

God intends and expects permanence in a marriage. Marriage is not seasonal or a duration of time, it is expected to last till separation by death. Marriage is a school where you are issued a certificate from the start rather than on completion. The certificate has a date of commencement but no date of termination. God anticipates for marriage to be between Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve. Genesis 1:27, the idea of homosexuals is an abomination and the scripture is explicit about this. It has been scientifically proven there is no gene in humans to make them long for sexual relationships with a person of the same sex. It is man who has invented this evil and perversion for himself. Ecclesiastes 7:29, God made man upright but man has sought out many inventions. Mankind has made a mess of the good plans of God for their lives.

God intends the man to take the lead and the woman to give total support to follow the man. God expects the man to provide and the woman to produce. 1 Timothy 5:8. God intends sexual satisfaction between the couple. Spouses are not allowed to deny themselves of sexual gratification. 1 Corinthians 7:1-5, the man has no sexual power over his body and likewise the woman, God intends a godly seed from the union of a man and woman, Malachi 2:15.

Your marriage will fulfill the determinate counsel and purpose of God in the name of Jesus. Your marriage will not break, the Lord bless you and your children. The Lord will give you the grace to lead excellently and give you the resources to provide for your family. I pray that God gives you wisdom to be a virtuous woman to your husband and a glorious mother to your children. May your children bring honour to you and glory to the name of the Lord. Amen.

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