Gospel singer,Shola Allyson loses Backup Singer, Gbenga


Fans have been sending in their condolence messages to the popular gospel singer, Shola Allyson Obaniyi who lost another back-up singer to the cold hand of death.

She took to her Facebook page, TheShola Allyson to drop a dirge for one of her backup singers, Gbenga who died recently :


Our journey together was getting longer and we have plans! We have pictures in our hearts! So, you’ve dropped from our vehicle nìyẹn?

You STRUGGLED! And it is now getting better. You now left!


Well. Is it well? Well. It is well. I am numb. I am pained. My friend and work mate left!

Gbenga. Thank you for sharing your gift with mine. Thank you for being dedicated and determined to grow! You grew! You matured! I remember all our talks. Our motivational discussions. I am proud of you Gbenga! You were one of my “achievements” I’m grateful to GOD for! My sometimes tough love for you paid off! You travailed! “We must be better than where we came from”, I always mentioned and you did better! I saw you transform and blossomed into a vibrant young man against the odds against you! Welldone!

That day you couldn’t control your tears after we finished performing and we spoke…

But what happened? Why? How? “Personal” things you couldn’t tell me? Why??

I will miss you. Not just as a work mate but because of the respect I’d built for you over the years seeing your determination and doggedness. I am glad I told you! I am pained but grateful to have walked with you.

May your path ahead be laced with grace still. Ìmọ́lẹ̀ á tàn l’ọ́nà àjò rẹ! Join Esther to sing beautifully as you both sang here. Will you be able to tell her I miss her too? I am pained. But I understand.

Sing! Glow! Glorify your MAKER, still!

His death came as a shock to Sola and her fans as well and people have been sending their condolences to the popular Gospel Singer also known as “Eji Owuro”. We love Gbenga but God loves him more.


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