The two categories of Nigerian youths:The Leaders and the Burners – Mike Bamiloye


    Within the Last Two Weeks, we have seen that Nigeria has TWO Categories of YOUTHS: the TRUE LEADERS and the GREAT BURNERS.

    The Whole World All Saw the True Leaders of Tomorrow in a very Sensible, State of the Arts, extremely Godly and perfectly Organized, World-wide Acclaimed Nationwide Protest. And Our Government should have responded nicely at that appropriate Moment, but they wasted the pleas of the Builders. And sent violence into their midst.

    Then, the second Category of the Nigerian Youths came in the second Lap of the Protest: The Burners, the Crooks, the Merciless, the Bloody, the Consuming Locusts and the Destructive Caterpillars.

    They Burnt all across their ways. They showed no mercy to the Masses. They looted the Labors of the struggling Masses. They burnt down precious inheritances. And also showed no mercy to the Rich and the Poor.

    I saw Banks being broken into and looted. I saw multitudes of Public transports very useful for the Masses being burnt down. I saw many homes of the Political Wealthys being burgled and mercilessly looted by the BURNERS.

    In the last Two Weeks of Nigeria Turning Point, I saw Two Categories of Nigerian Youths: The BUILDERS and the BURNERS. I and the rest of the World rejoiced at ONE, And I and the rest of the World wept at the Other.

    Now, THIS IS OUR TURNING Point. A NEW NIGERIA IS BEING Birthed. Judgement begins Henceforth.


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