Hollywood Star Kel Mitchell Talks Life As Pastor While Still Acting


American actor and stand-up comedian, Kel Mitchel opens up about how he’s been trying to balance being a pastor and a Hollywood actor at the same time.

Kel who is best known for his roles on Nickelodeon’s All That and Kenan and Kel,currently serves as a youth pastor at Spirit Food Christian Center in Winnetka, California and has authored the book Blessed Mode: 90 Days to Level Up Your Faith.

The actor while explaining said he was initially uncertain and full of doubts on how he was going to balance his acting career and full-time ministry.

“Lord, how am I going to do this while I’m also still a celebrity?” he would pray to God.

Mitchell also highlighted how his wife encouraged him to go ahead while being the first to function in both fields.

“My wife said, ‘Hey, you be the first, and you do it,’ and that’s what I did,” he noted. “It’s not an easy task; I’ve been doing it for years.”

Looking back, Mitchell says he is encouraged to see that he’s been able to point his fans and others in the entertainment industry toward Christ.

“We are the ambassadors of Christ — we are His billboards, We influence people to come to Christ.”

Kel then speak on his influence while growing up, he said “My grandfather was a pastor, but there is a difference between basically knowing God and having a relationship with God.

He also opened up on his past battles with depression, he said; “I was just kind of like, ‘I want to [hit] the off button,’” the actor recalled. “When I decided not to take my life at that point, and I decided to live, that’s when things changed around for me.”

Indeed the most important part of being born again is trying not to backslide and been carried away by the “Good things” of the world.


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