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Temitope Oyewole is out with a new song of praise titled “I Am Alive To Praise”. I am alive to praise by Temitope Oyewole is a medley of 9 songs with a mixture of 3 major languages.

Temitope w affirms I am , to praise is a song the Lord gave to her to praise Him. The source of it is in Psalm 150 vs 6 “let everything that has breath praise the Lord”.

She further emphasized that she was invited to minister in a Musical concert in July 2017 and the theme was “Alive to Praiz.


Lyrics: I Am Alive To Praise – Temitope Oyewole

I am alive to praise

I am alive to praise El Shaddai

I will praise your name

I will praise your name

I will praise your name

‘Am alive to praise

Day by day

Ma yin Olorun (I will praise God)

Lojoojumo (Everyday)

Ma yin Olorun (I will praise God)

Oba to da mi si (The King that preserves me)

Ma yin baba mi (I will praise my father)

Ko gbowo ko gbobi, ko ma gba nkankan

(He didn’t collect anything from me)

Ko gbowo ko gbobi, ko ma gba nkankan rara

(He didn’t collect anything from me)

Gbogbo ohun to nbe laye lo nyin oluwa

(Every creature on earth praise the Lord)

Igi igbo yin, ope ko duro o

(All the tree in the forest in praise Him, the palm tree bows for Him)

Emi ta fi joba lorii won loye kope mi po)

(I that have been made king over them should praise more)

Emi naa wa n juba fun baba

(I have come to honor the Father)

Ijo ki n ba jo fun baba

(what kind of dance will I dance for the father)

Ara ki n ba da fun baba

(what kind of performance will I give to Him)

E je n jooo, e je njoo, ijo ope mi po, maa fi yin Olorun

(Let me dance, my thanksgiving dance is so much, I will praise God with it)

E je ka joo, o ya ka joo, ijo ope re da, ko wa fi yin Olorun

(Let us dance, it’s time to dance, where is your thanksgiving dance, let us praise God with it)

Ma bere ma gbe Jesu ga, ma ko’rin s’ eledumare

(I will crouch, lift Jesus up and sing unto God)

Am alive to praise, am alive to praise

Si eledumare baba, s’eledumare

Si eledumare baba mi, s’eledumare

(To the Almighty)

Kuru kuru kuru ko ga ko gbe Jesu ga

(crouch, crouch and stand to lift Jesus up)

Bere mole ko ga ko gbe Jesu ga

(Bend and dance to lift Jesus up)

Fo soke ko ga, ko gbe Jesu ga o

(Jump and lift Jesus up)

Artiste Profile;

Tèmitọ́pẹ́ Oyèwọlé is a worshipper, wife, mother, speaker, songwriter, author, a minister of the gospel and a unique Christian youth leader.
An independent Nigeria and international gospel artiste, She started her musical journey, singing and always taking the lead in the church musical group that is termed Choir, right from her early.

Tèmitọ́pẹ́ Oyèwọlé’s enthusiasm to praise and give glory to God in all situations has been one of the major sources of what has led her into the gospel music industry. She is unequivocally blessed and anointed with a unique and angelic voice filled with grace.

She is set to release her first-ever album by 2020 to set in motion the new dimension to her gospel music career as she has always wanted it to be. She is an award-winning artiste and leader also in the worship and youth ministry categories. One of the major awards she had received is the GSB Exceptional Service Award.

Temitope’s love for the youth has made her create a unique space in the heart of every young person she has met. She is a strong believer and woman without wavering faith; an epitome of a glorious, consistent, truthful and consistent woman.

Temitope Oyewole does virtually different songs because she wants to reach out to a lot of people with their languages and in a manner, which all would be able to catch the flow in praises. One of her major music goals is to spread God’s love to people and let them know about His sovereignty, being grateful for the gift of life and God’s sustaining power.


Facebook and Instagram: @temitopeoyewole_

Youtube: Temitope Oyewole

Twitter: @temitopeoyewol

Email: [email protected]


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