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Episode Three

How is your studies going? Dr Boluwaji asked Richard
Fine sir, he replied
You have to be very studious o, make sure you have a good grade at the end of the semester, okay?
Okay sir
By the way, you sang well in church today, I never knew you could sing like that
Thank you sir
Richard chose to spend his Sunday afternoon at his uncle’s house before heading back to the campus in the evening.

Dr Boluwaji is the leading pastor of The Triumphant Church, He is also a lecturer . His wife is a medical doctor and a minister in the church as well.
Having Richard around him felt like a blessing to the church. He has seen his dedication and commitment in just three months of his arrival. Reports has been reaching him from the campus fellowship about Richard. He knew Richard would do well as an executive in the fellowship from his second year.
Richard would be of great help, he seems so trustworthy and upon his graduation, he could become his P.A . He could even marry from the church.

So tell me,how has it been for you on campus, I mean fellowship and academics?
We are trying our best sir, I go to class when I have to and I go to the fellowship at the appropriate time. When I’m free I rest and also visit the library on my lecture free days.
Good, make sure you don’t get carried away by too many activities, don’t do the wrong thing at the right time and vice versa. Go to your class, read, don’t be overshadowed with fellowship activities. I know you are a child of God but please don’t be in the fellowship when you have a class. There is time for everything. Are you even aware your exams will start soon?
No sir
You are hearing it from me now, the earlier you start preparing the better, I am sure you have been writing tests in some of your courses, how has it been?
We thank God sir
Make sure you read well o. Do you have an early morning lecture tomorrow?
Yes sir, GST 101
Oh I see, I wanted to see if you could sleep over but it appears you will be leaving this evening considering the fact that you need to be at the lecture hall as soon as possible.
Mrs Boluwaji walked in
You two are still here, Bro Richard hope you are enjoying yourself?
Yes Mummy
This one that Daddy just kept you here in the sitting room, I’m sure he has been dropping some deep rhemas.
Richard and Boluwaji smiled
You can also come and be part of the rhema dropping, as the prophetess that you are come and lay hands on us, Boluwaji teased
Before I lay hands on you, lunch is ready
Food for the belly the belly for food, ‘Richard’ he called while standing up and walking towards the dining table with Richard behind him, let’s go and savour the sumptuous meal prepared by my lovely wife. My children are in in school, it would have been a great pleasure having you here but you also have school to attend to.
Of course he can spend a part of his holiday with us before traveling abi Bro Richard? Mrs Boluwaji asked.
Richard smiled and answered in the affirmative but deep inside he wasn’t sure if he would be doing that, he is okay with the occasional visits. As it stands he is already missing his mom and siblings. He doesn’t think he would want to spend an extra day here after his exams.

Kansola has never been a wayward girl. She is a responsible girl. She serves God in her own little understanding. She was brought up to be a church girl which is typical of children raised in Christian homes. She is not born again per say. She just grew up knowing what to do and what not to do that are sinful.
She grew up loving church, being involved in several activities. She doesn’t lie or steal, she doesn’t get involved in any unholy deals not just for the fear of God but for the fear of her parents.
Despite the strict upbringing these church boys and girls receive, children will always be children and teenagers will always be teenagers. At some point they are appear holy and religious, at some other point they want to experiment a lot of stuff which could be due to peer pressure influence or the influence of the movies and T.V series they watch.
Kansola is one who grew up loving God though her idea of loving God is going to church and being involved in church activities. She never knew it was way deeper.
She has this void. She keeps longing for something but can’t figure it out.
She kept going to church and as the gifted child that she is, she got the attention of almost everyone in the church. For anything and everything that has to do with teenagers. She got picked to represent, she was a star in the church.
Kansola loves her family a lot even though she doesn’t have an intimate relationship with any of them. She is mostly lonely, she spends most of her time on social media.
Her Wassce and UTME examsarer really close, she has to pass all her subjects this time. She takes her tutorials seriously. She didn’t mix with the other students at the tutorial, most of them are children from rich homes who wants to skip SS3. They were unserious, they don’t understand what it means to repeat an exam with their juniors. They see the tutorial as freedom, they resume 9am to close 2pm, no uniforms, no strict rules.
Kansola understands where she is coming from, she can’t be like them.
Right in the tutorial, they were dating one another including their tutors. Kansola found it so disgusting. She wondered how a fourteen and fifteen year old be dating adults. Kansola is a moralist.
She is crushing on Iyinoluwa who was in her age range. She couldn’t imagine herself crushing on someone five years older than her. Though she really liked Iyin but she knew where to draw the line. Passing her exams came first after all Iyin was already in the higher institution. She has to meet up.

Good morning sir
Mide, how are you?
I’m fine thank you sir, you sent for me
Yes I did, sit, Boluwaji commanded. He sat
How is your academic performance?
I’m trying my best
Ayomide,what God has been showing me about you is really huge. God wants to use you in The Triumphant Church. He wants to use you mightily and you’re running.
Sir, it’s not like I am running, I have responsibilities in my church and there are high expectations from me.
Mide, it is just a matter of time, you will soon realize that The Triumphant Church is where God wants you to be. See, activities and responsibilities might becloud you from seeing exactly what your purpose is. Another important thing is there is a time frame for everything. You are in a training process and there is a time frame for each level. Just like in the academics, you can’t remain in one level forever, you keep climbing higher rung of the ladder. What I am seeing concerning you now is that your time at Word of Wisdom Ministry is almost over and your next assignment is at The Triumphant Church.

But sir, he protested, I have so much on my hands I cannot just leave.
Don’t worry everything will fall in place
They discussed more on Mide’s academics before he left the office.

On getting home, he began to reflect on what Dr Boluwaji discussed with him. He began to wonder if God really wanted him to leave his current church or could it be that Dr Boluwaji was trying to cajole him into The Triumphant Church. How else could it be explained? The first time they met was at Mide’s campus fellowship, Dr Boluwaji was invited to minister. Mide’s choir was invited to the program being the Mother church choir. Mide heads the Mother church choir so he doesn’t worship at the campus fellowship.
Dr Boluwaji noticed his gifts. Mide sang while playing the piano. He was also on drums at some point in the service. Dr Boluwaji called him after the service to know more about him only to discover he was a 300 level student of his department. He started drawing him close and inviting him to his office.

It will be easy to conclude that the pastor cum lecturer only wanted the best hands in his church music team, it will also be easy for Ayomide to assume God did not show the pastor anything, he only wanted him to leave his current church. These things happen, he thought.
Ayomide got confused at a point, leaving his church, the responsibilities, his choir members. It won’t be easy but at the same time he was being offered an opportunity to be close to his lecturer, visit his house anytime, he could even sleep over. His course mates would respect and envy him. They would all want to be in his good books.
The offer sounds quite juicy. Ayomide does not know about purpose nor the mysterious way of God’s operation, he was just a young man passionate and committed to church activities. He didn’t pray about it. He didn’t even know he was supposed to pray about it, he just made his decision right there.
If only he knew what lies ahead he would have yielded much earlier………..

Victoria Olakanye

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