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Episode Two

Hello, are you sleeping? She asked.
Yes I am, who is this? Iyinoluwa was pissed. Who calls you by 1:30am and asks if you are sleeping? He thought. He felt like giving a savage response like ” no I am not sleeping, I am counting the ceiling” what nonsense! But he held himself back.

My name is Adekunle Oyinkansola but you can call me Kansola, the voice continued, I am so sorry to wake you up.
Okay, Kansola, what can I do for you?
I am sorry for disturbing you but I got your number from Facebook and I really want to be your friend.
Oh no, she is also crushing on me, he thought.
Alright, he responded.
Kansola continued the conversation for about five minutes. She kept on asking him questions she already had answers to, just to keep flowing with him but it was so obvious Iyin was uninterested. She was getting frustrated. She ended the call.

Iyinoluwa dropped the call with a very loud hiss wondering who on earth the girl was for her to just disturb his precious sleep. He already has enough on his plate, he doesn’t want an additional girl in the picture but then, he couldn’t sleep anymore so he had to look up the mystery girl on Facebook, to know how she looks like and why she could be clamouring for his friendship.
He typed her name Adekunle Oyinkansola, it popped up.
Wow!! He almost screamed
I know her but why is she calling me? She always act like she hates me anytime we see, she size me up like I am some kind of idiot, he thought aloud. Why does she suddenly want to be my friend? Just then another call came in.

This time Bukunmi is the caller
Bukunmi is his very first girlfriend, he was in Jss 3 when he asked her out. His parents caught wind of the relationship yet Bukunmi held on to him.
His parents reprimanded him, placed him on prayers and fasting because according to them having a girlfriend at his age was a sin. He fasted quite alright and promised to be a good boy yet he didn’t see the point.
He broke up with Bukunmi but she refused to break up with him,she kept stalking him. They were church members so they got to see each other often .
Iyin does not particularly like her, he only wanted to be called somebody’s boyfriend like his friends. For the sake of his parents he stopped dating even though he didn’t get the point.
He rejected her call, switched off his phone and slept.

Meanwhile Kansola is in another side of town wondering why Iyin was so cold to her, she started making excuses for him like, maybe he really wanted to sleep or he is not feeling fine. She thought about the possibility of him knowing her. He doesn’t sound like it but eventually he will know she is the one but she will keep pretending like it was a Facebook thing.

She remembered her attitude towards him anytime she meets him outside school. She keeps staring at him but once their gaze meets she carries him with her eyes like they had a quarrel in her past life.
She smiled to herself and wondered why she was like that to him.
She is glad they are about to be friends. Back in their high school days, they never spoke to each other because they weren’t exactly in the same class. She was in Jss1A while he was in Jss1C that lasted till Jss3. In their senior year he was in the science department while she was in Arts.

When Richard arrived his uncle’s house, he received a warm welcome from his uncle’s wife and children. The house was beautiful, painted cream, well arranged set of chairs, lovely interior décor. The compound was spacious, there was a car park and nice flowers before the entrance.
He was served pounded yam and egusi soup, very lovely something.

He enjoyed himself.

Later when he was alone, he started to think about what lies ahead, his academics, his family, the new environment, he started getting worried. Just then he heard a still small voice ”Be still and know I am God”

He looked around,he was in the guest room and alone. He knows what it is. He has been hearing such whispers lately and again he knows God is speaking to him.

Twenty year old Richard started hearing these whispers after his Wassce . He did not understand. He told his Pastor . His pastor introduced him to a whole lot of bible study and prayers after making him understand that he is a special child with a very rare gift and that God is interested in his life.

Richard has since then been consistently following up his spiritual life, he developed a relationship with the Holy Spirit. Anytime he got worried about anything, he hears whispers. He calls it ”whispers of comfort”.

While still at it, his cousin came in. Peter just gained admission into high school, a boarding school, he was ready with one million questions for his big cousin after being informed that he also finished from a boarding school.

He met him unpacking books from his bag.
Why do you have so many books? You have not even resumed, are they your school books?
Richard smiled.
I love reading a lot, these are not academic books, they are motivational, inspirational and spiritual books.
Wow! You must be a great reader, he bends to pick one of the books. I want to be like you o, he added.
Richard smiled, You are going to be who God wants you to be.
I know but I want to be a great reader like you too, Peter replied.
Don’t worry, anytime you want to read any of my books I will lend them to you.
But that will be during the holidays because I am going to school in September, Peter answered.
That’s not a problem at all, I can come over to spend the. weekends with you during your holidays
Awwwwn, that is so nice. I have some questions for you.
Go ahead

How did you cope in your school far away from your Mummy and Daddy?
Well, I won’t tell you it was easy but I’m sure you will enjoy yourself. You will make new friends and you will have fun.
But I hear senior students oppress their juniors
That is not a big deal, you will also become a senior one day.
Did you ever punish your junior?
Richard laughed, I won’t exactly say no. I was a very friendly senior, but you know sometimes your junior needs to fear you and…..
There was a knock on the door
Come in, Richard requested. It was Mirabel the second of the three .
Mummy said I should call you for evening devotion
Okay, we are coming. He turned to Peter, young man we will continue our discussion later.
They went for the devotion.

It is a very beautiful morning, The weather was clear and bright.
Kansola’s mom was awake and had started the morning devotion but Kansola was still sleeping. Thanks to xtra cool with Dotun, they spoke at length. They talked about their family, school,hobbies and a lot of stuff. She enjoyed talking to him, he has a beautiful sense of humour just the way she likes it.

Her mom would not take that nonsense from her, talking all night and then waking up late the following morning. She has warned her severally but she refused to change, a typical teenage behaviour. Her mom can’t afford to let her be spoilt and disobedient simply because she is a teenager. She finished the devotion without her. Angry she went directly to bang her room door.

”Kansola” she shouted what kind of yeye sleep is this? When you are supposed to be sleeping, you will be busy chatting away on the phone with boys. Will you open this door now?

Kansola stood up from the bed knowing the rest of that day would be filled with only that topic.

She opened the door
E kaaro ma
If I don’t good morning nko?
What example are you laying for your younger sister. Your elder brother is in school and you that is supposed to take responsibility you are acting irresponsibly. Is this what you will be doing in the University? You have not even written JAMB and you’re talking to boys.

Kansola just stood there, she didn’t reply or argue. In her mind she was like, ”when you are done talking you will leave”
Her mom continued, that is how she will be looking like a mumu when she is being scolded. She hissed and left her but continued talking.
Kansola knew her mother always blow things out of proportion. It’s Sunday, can’t she just let it slide?
They are going to church today, what if Iyin comes around? She shouldn’t look sad or moody, he won’t like that.

Kansola always nurse the possibility of seeing her crush every Sunday and the thought makes her blush.
She headed to the kitchen and started her daily chores, when she was done she took her bath and was ready in no time.
Her mom was obviously still angry with her.
Kansola does not care, Iyinoluwa is on her mind.
Throughout their drive to church, her mom was still fuming.
What is even the big deal in receiving a call at night? she thought. It’s not like I am dating the guy or something. How does she even know I was talking to a guy?

They got to church just to meet the praise and worship session, they missed the Sunday School. The Teens church had joined the main church since it was a combined service.

When she entered the church, she sights Dotun on the drums, she smilled to him, he smilled back. Before she entered the auditorium she has been wondering who was singing. The voice was not in anyway familiar but on entering Dotun, her friend, was the first person she sought, as it stands he is the only close friend she had at that moment. He told her during their midnight call that he would be in church that morning for the combined service.

She got to her seat, lifted her eyes to see who was singing, it was ”the dancing brother”. She doesn’t know his name. She never knew he could sing too. When did he even join the church? She has not been seeing him around, is he a member of the campus fellowship? She thought. That must be it, she has not been seeing him because he was on the campus. He is such a good singer, her spec. Her mind flashed to Iyinoluwa.

Iyinoluwa can sing too, let’s not get distracted she told herself. She looked round to see if by any chance Iyin was in sight but he wasn’t. She was disappointed like every other Sunday.
Service continued but her mind was far away building an empire with Iyin. She had been texting him since the day she called, she sends good morning texts and good night texts almost everyday but Iyin has never replied any. She calls him once in a while, sometimes he doesn’t pick at other times he forms busy but Kansola never gave up her green light signals.

The service ended

She expected Dotun to come say hi,but he didn’t. She never knew Dotun was only trying to play safe in order to avoid scandals as an executive in the campus fellowship. He does not want to be up for discussion.

Kansola wondered why her friend is ghosting her but she didn’t dwell on it after all he is not Iyinoluwa. She started building her empire with him all over again in her mind but occasionally her mind wandered to the new ”dancing singing brother” ………..

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