Kirk Franklin’s Troubled Sister Sentenced To Prison For 30 Years


Gospel music singer and songwriter Kirk Franklin has revealed that his troubled sister was recently been sentenced to serve 30 years in prison for an unspecified charge. The sister, who is not named, had previously served 10 years in prison on a drug related conviction.

According to an Instagram post he made, the award-winning Gospel singer wondered if he could’ve done more to help her.

“My sister was just sentenced to 30 years in prison…” he wrote and posted as a picture on the social media app. “I now feel the weight of wondering if I could’ve done more…”

It is uncertain as to what caused such a lengthy sentence for Franklin’s sister. Previously, he’s been open about the drama that surrounded her life, including her addiction to crack-cocaine.

Franklin had previously shared in 2015 that she struggled with drug addiction.

“For over ten years, my younger sister was incarcerated in a facility here in Texas. She was in love with a young man who was [a] drug dealer,” Franklin explained at the time. “He introduced her to not only selling drugs, but using as well. When he was arrested for drug trafficking, she was arrested along with him. After she served her time, she was brought before the review board who determined she was ready to be released and brought back into society. The documents were signed and she was set free… but only on paper.”

A few months after she was released from prison, Franklin said his sister relapsed.

“After a few months back into the free world, it became obvious to me rather quickly that my sister was still in prison. It’s what they call being institutionalized. She quickly started using again, becoming very reckless with her body, which turned into her using it as a means to pay for her habit,” he explained.



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