Not a Man – King Mike Aremu


On the heels of the recently released album SOS [Sounds of the Spirit], Saxophonist Extraordinaire King Mike Aremu drops a single, “Not A Man” off the album with an amazing animated lyrics video.

The new single expresses the supremacy of what God says over what any man says.

Speaking about the song, King Mike Aremu shares: “Not A Man“, one of my favourite songs from my album, “Sound Of the Spirit” SOS, pays homage to who God is. The song was written from a place of remembrance and contemplation of the many times people and even myself had written off situations. However, I’ve come to realise that God’s thoughts and words will always supersede what ever any man may think or say. Because He is Not A Man”

SOS album, which was recently released on digital stores, has earned over a Hundred thousand streams barely a week of its release.

Watch Video Here:

Download Audio Here:



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